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best places to travel in canada

8 Best Places To Visit In Canada 2022

by Peter Barnes

Travelers can choose from a variety of experiences from Western to East throughout the Canada. Once you reach there, the ideal places to visit may vary depending on your interests and the kind of trip you’re planning.

A must-see destination nearby for travelers to Canada, Niagara Falls never disappoints. Montreal is renowned for its fashion, culture, and history in nearby Québec, a French-speaking province. The Bay of Fundy, Whistler, Banff National park, and Manitoba are some of the top tourist destinations in Canada and typically top travel itineraries. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City are some of the best places to visit in Central Canada.

The inhabitants of Eastern Canada have a unique culture with a strong maritime past. Additionally, there are numerous other well-known cities and hidden gems to discover across the nation.

Check out our list of the 8 best places to visit in Canada for ideas as you plan your trip.

What are the 8 best places to visit in Canada?

  • Falls of Niagara
  • Banff National Park
  • Whistler
  • Revelstoke
  • Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba
  • The Bay of Fundy
  • The National Park of Gros Morne
  • Inter-provincial Park of Cypress Hills

1. Falls of Niagara

best places to travel in canada
Niagara Falls | NatashaG

Visitors have been coming to view Niagara Falls, Canada’s most popular tourist destination, virtually since the day it was discovered. The view and access provided to guests are incredible, and the sight of the enormous wall of water slamming over the falls is breathtaking. The cast iron fence is the only thing keeping you from practically walking up to the edge of the falls to see the water disappear over the top.

The population and environment the falls have produced have had a significant impact on the city that has grown nearby, also known as Niagara Falls. Since stuntmen and daredevils have been testing their mettle on the falls over the years, this unusual city has developed a carnival-like atmosphere. Niagara Falls is a fun spot to visit for a day or two and is only a short trip from Toronto.

2. Banff National Park

best places to travel in canada
Banff National Park | doanluuphoto

Anyone who wants to see the Rocky Mountains and take in some of Canada’s most breathtaking beauty must visit Banff National Park. Unquestionably, this is a tourist destination that welcomes visitors from around the world.

The turquoise lakes, such as Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, nestled beneath glacier-capped mountains, provide a magnificent sight in the summer. Driving the Icefields Parkway, which connects the park to Jasper National Park, is one of the greatest ways to take in the scenery. Consider taking on one of the greatest hiking routes in Banff if you’re looking for a little extra adventure and workout. These well-traveled paths lead to some of the park’s most stunning attractions.

3. Whistler

best places to travel in canada
Whistler | ArtTower

Many of the skiing competitions of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Whistler, which has long been recognized as a top ski resort. Even though it is well-known, Whistler is a beautiful and popular summer vacation spot where people can go hiking, biking, golfing, and do many other things.

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The village has developed over the years into a bustling, upscale vacation town with a wide variety of hotels, eateries, and stores. Skiers travel from all over the world to the Whistler-Blackcomb slopes for their spectacular terrain. Skiers and non-skiers alike can ride the Peak-2-Peak Gondola, which connects the two summits for an 11-minute, 4.4-kilometer journey with breathtaking views.

4. Revelstoke

best places to travel in canada
Revelstoke | 12019

One of the top destinations in Canada for adventure travel is Revelstoke. Despite being a favorite among Albertans and British Columbians, it is still relatively unexplored internationally, giving it an ideal area to avoid the throngs that may be found at popular tourist destinations like Banff and Lake Louise. This tiny town is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery in British Columbia’s interior, but what really draws people there are the outdoor activities.

5. Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba

best places to travel in canada
Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba | BDougherty

One of the most interesting things to see in Canada is the polar bears moving from land to ice in Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill in Northern Manitoba.

Each fall, this little community welcomes visitors. Visitors are taken on tours in caged-window tundra buggies for up-close polar bear encounters. When the bears are waiting for the water to freeze before venturing out onto the ice in October or November, this is the best time to watch them.

6. The Bay of Fundy

best places to travel in canada
The Bay of Fundy | Graham-H

Between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in eastern Canada sits the Bay of Fundy, which is renowned for its incredible tides. With a maximum difference of 19 meters, the difference between high and low is the biggest on the entire planet.

The cliffs and rock formations at Hopewell Cape, Fundy National Park, the Fundy Trail Parkway, and Grand Manan Island are some of the most well-known places and sights along the Bay of Fundy. There are many other ways to experience this natural beauty as well.

7. The National Park of Gros Morne

best places to travel in canada
Gros Morne | C1ri

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is farther away than many of Canada’s most visited national parks, but the journey is well worth it to see this stunning mountain and fjord landscape. The park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has cliff walls, waterfalls, and rock formations that are very interesting.

There are hiking routes and paddling options, but boat tours are how most tourists experience the beauty. Even though the park sees fewer people in the winter, ski touring is still permitted there and backcountry ski huts are present.

8. Inter-provincial Park of Cypress Hills

best places to travel in canada
Inter-provincial Park of Cypress Hills | AMA insider

It’s not uncommon for people to neglect visiting Saskatchewan and Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park in Canada. Being rather remote, they draw fewer visitors, but those who do make the effort to travel here are richly rewarded.

Here, open expanses, vast skies, and an abundance of (rare) species are the norm. There is also a general sense of tranquility. Take a lengthy trek through the grasslands; rent a canoe and paddle one of the many lakes; or, if you happen to be here in the winter, put on your downhill skis and go for a few runs.


The stunning natural scenery of Canada is sure to be a highlight of your trip. Yes, in all honesty, it is a collection of many unusual places to see. This article provides you with information on the top 08 travel destinations in Canada for your convenience.

Using the information in this article, you will be able to quickly choose the best places in Canada to visit on your next vacation and make plans to do so.

All the information & photo credit goes to respective authorities. DM for removal please.

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