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Looking for Crypto Trading? Important Tips for Newbies

by Peter Barnes


I have a few things to say for new crypto lovers and traders .! Not a little, but lot of things, including a little bit of advice. But reality is, We are running behind crypto like crazy dogs.

So I thought of posting about this too. Maybe a little longer. Only those who like to read at the end. With the analyzing latest #cryptocurrency market that has been shuffling from few months back onwards. Everyone is asking. Where to look about crypto. There is no easy way out if this road is rippled. Because everyone else tried for free or for a small amount, but everyone invests a paltry amount for this. So this is why we wanted to say this. Followings are the thoughts in the minds of those who are new to this.

• Crypto is a lucrative business.

• A way to make more money while just being around.

• The higher the handout, the higher the profit.

• Is there a sin with betting and it has increased profits (talking about future trading)

So this is what we wanted to say to all the newbies who are just trying to learn about this, trying to get involved in crypto … All the above stories are a bit true. And a bunch of lies. Because it is true that it is a passive income. This is a great way to make and lose money. A lot of love reminds me not to touch anything without looking into it.

A decisive battle of Crypto

Especially since We’ve seen a lot of them scratch the hold. Those who hold a set are blamed. So a newcomer thinks that what is in the post is the right thing to do. First impression hits a lot. They don’t go for more details of it. It’s not anyone’s fault. He has to take responsibility for himself.

There are wrinkles mentioned above, I have tried all of them. Still dragging some. But I have to admit the truth is that there is no need, the other campus work, accepting each other ‘s stories and I was wrong. As a human being, I switched fields. But this was touched on some time ago. Feel the profit.

Loss also occurred. But I used to increase the profit side. Withdraw money. I did my job. I showed the way to My closest friends and family. Some caught it. Some left. All depends on luck. That must be true. So in my experience, with the things I have analyzed for profit, here are some things I want to say to a newcomer as advice.

If you are new here, please read below. OK, do Crypto. No mess. But trading is not a bet. Some people who have never really made a single trade in their life call others marging trading. So boys and girls get in trouble. Eventually you lose some of the money you have.

Here are some of the facts I found to be interesting. I want to tell the newcomer in a way that makes sense rather than giving heavy words.

Crypto is an incumbent. that is true. In a method called spot trading, it’s simply like you buy something for less and sell it at a more valuable place. That means taking a coin when it is worth $ 5. If it is worth $ 10, the selling profit is $5. That’s it. So the other side of it is nobody says.. Remember what happened recently at SFM? The coin that goes up the wave is taken from the top? Downed the next day. What if the coin you buy for 10 is worth 5 tomorrow? Just like a profit, loss is 5.

Higher you invest, higher the profit. From the above story, when it is 5, You pay 20 and buy 4 coins. When one coin goes to 10, those four can sell for 40. Profit 20. This is the other side of the story.

This is how money increases when you are idle. It has to be accepted on the one hand. But the story is relative. This is what it means. No matter what anyone says, an era of cryptocurrency is coming to the forefront of the world. Initially Bitcoin was banned and now there are crypto ATMs and shops in many of countries. Crypto has come to the payment methods of the companies of the world’s largest sites. So undisputed.

The next era is crypto and this is marking the beginning of that era. So hodlers got opportunity. (hodler means holders for a long time) but there are two sides to it. All the coins in the names of those companies or projects of someone. So if you look at the whitepaper o

f those projects you can get a great idea. There are a lot of stories like that. Anything can go right or wrong if you don’t study that well. That means you can go up and down as much as. You can’t imagine atleast.

Here’s the most important thing I want to say. Crypto trading is not something that happens to a person like a lucky bet. I think the old ones are the ones who are eager to put rubbish on the heads of the new ones. Thay saying.. “The easiest way to earn crypto is to do future trading. There is a lot of profit to be made. Put the Lavarage on x 125 itself. It’s amazing. Innocent guys gets screwed.

Let me explain this a bit. Really like some kind of gamble. We can say that this coin goes up from here and down from here. Just like betting. It also has two modes called isolated & cross. My purse is the only bet and 25% to 50% of the amount in hand is a bet. So if you go up, you make a profit as much as you go up, and every point you fall from there, you lose. The risk is too high. Because remember, the market never runs the way we want it to. It’s going the way we don’t expect it to. So it affects about 10% of the target and the basics are analyzing.

I mean, don’t even think about getting your hands on a newcomer unless you’ve come to a good level of knowledge and have learned to analyze exactly what’s broken. Even for me who recites this sermon, the first thing I spat on was the one I put in the first place. Profited. Putting one back in made a profit. Put with the profits that fell. It’s all gone … Case Closed! After that I just learned and started working.

So remember finally this little …

• The market never works the way we want it to.

• Never trade as much as you can. Start with as many as you can bear if you make a mistake or lose.

• Learn to analyze well.

• Do not take trading entry when there is not even 90% confirmations. (After waking up, I thought I should trade now, but it’s not time)

• Slowly develop your own method.

• While doing all this, as a thorn holder, don’t forget to take some coins and leave them for years. (That would be the biggest investment in life one day)

• The next most important thing to adopt is patience! Practice holding on. (Not always when you need to hold, they will realize over time)

That’s enough, isn’t it? Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. I also do personal researches and read news and trade a lot of the time. And I don’t want to promote anything else to anyone in this post. I wanted to share a little bit of my knowledge and experience with the boys and girls who are going to be hacked by those who pretend to be dragged into this.

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