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Why are American bulldogs so stubborn? – ShutterBulky
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Why are American bulldogs so stubborn?

Why are American bulldogs so stubborn?

American Buldog

by Peter Barnes

American Bulldogs have strength, stamina, agility, and a happy personality. Bulldogs are hard to train, and training involves attitude and behavior. Understanding these things is necessary for successful training.

American Bulldogs owners often complain about their dog’s stubbornness, which can occur due to loneliness, jealousy, medical conditions, environmental factors, competitiveness, excessive control, and so on.

In this post, we provides all the information you need to know about American bulldogs’ stubbornness. So read on to discover more…

Are bulldogs known to be stubborn?

Since bulldogs are descendants of a dominant breed, stubbornness is in their nature. The Bulldogs prefer to carry out their tasks in a particular way. They may therefore be difficult to train and obey orders.

They’re not awful dogs just because they’re stubborn. Despite being challenging to train, they make loving and adorable dogs that develop close relationships with their owners.

Why are American bulldogs so stubborn?
Why are American bulldogs so stubborn | atsme

Is stubborn behavior normal in American bulldogs?

Yes, actually, American Bulldogs are notoriously rebellious and stubborn from birth. When your dog doesn’t want to do something, he might just stand still. Many owners tolerate it because it’s cute, but it should be stopped.

American bulldogs are caring dogs, and they desire human interaction and to bond with children. They’re perfect for introducing new people to cats and dogs.

American bulldogs are domineering and stubborn despite these features. That is why training bulldogs is tough and requires patience and time to get good results.

Consequently, teaching them is more difficult than training other dog breeds. American bulldogs are easy to care for once trained. They’re good with other pets but wary of strangers.

Reasons why are American bulldogs stubborn?

Why are American bulldogs so stubborn?
Why are American bulldogs so stubborn | VeganCyclist

Typically, American bulldogs are a dominant breed. They engage with other dogs in such a domineering manner. Read the list of seven common reasons why American bulldogs can be so stubborn.

  • When authority is in danger

If your bulldog assaults people or other animals, they probably believe that their authority is in danger. Some bulldogs possess a stubborn and aggressive attitude in addition to their dominance.

  • Excessive animal control

American Bulldogs are stubborn animals by birth. Such an animal can be trained properly and become a pet like other dogs.

But if you think you can control them by giving them arbitrary orders, it is very wrong. Because American Bulldogs don’t like to do that. In such environments, they become stubborn.

  • Loneliness

Most bulldogs had this stubbornness when they were young and raised alone, without any other dogs or pets nearby. As a result, when they first see another dog or pet, they perceive a danger to their authority.

They may also experience it when they come across strangers. So, if you have a bulldog, attempt to train it by letting it interact with people and other animals.

  • Jealousy

Jealousy is common to humans as well as animals. Especially for dogs and cats. So there is nothing special about your American Bulldog.

 If the love you show to a bulldog changes because of someone else in the house, then they    will start to become stubborn. So you have to be a little careful about it when raising them.

  • Medical Conditions

If something is causing discomfort or tiredness in your dog, there will definitely be a sudden behavior change and that will lead to sudden stubbornness in your American bulldog.

  • Environmental factors.

Do you know? Animals always learn from past experiences. It becomes a problem for them when their favorite habitat, which they have been used to for a while, suddenly changes.

When the way of life they were used to changes, dogs show a stubborn nature until they adjust to it again.

  • Competition among other dogs in the household.

If we have several dogs at home, we all do different things to enjoy them. But if you are going to have so much fun with American Bulldogs and other dogs, you need to be a little careful.

Because pet experts say that if they feel like they are being underestimated in front of other dogs, they are more likely to become stubborn. Therefore, the best thing to do is to have fun and give the bulldog the first opportunity among other dogs.

How to prevent American bulldogs from stubbornness?

Why are American bulldogs so stubborn?
Why are American bulldogs so stubborn | danielsfotowelt

Stubborn American Bulldogs can be socialized into households and neighborhoods with the right training and guidance. This takes patience and early planning. Here are the seven steps you should follow to achieve that:

  • Begin training right away.

Puppy socialization is vital. To do this, introduce your American bulldog to different sounds, sights, smells, people, dogs, and animals. Socialization is necessary for a well-behaved dog who isn’t afraid of new circumstances.

  • Plan ahead of time.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Bulldog tricks get monotonous after learning them. Every action, instruction, and direction teaches something long-term.

Your bulldog won’t know everything immediately. Delaying your dog’s training could cause him to fall behind.

  • Earn their respect as a leader.

Disciplining the group’s leader, your bulldog will respect you quickly if you don’t yell. It also strengthens your dog’s trust and bond.

Make bulldog training fun for faster results. If your dog is easily distracted, try a calmer environment. As you go, add distractions.

  • Remain calm, consistent, and firm.

Responsible bulldog ownership is like meditation. If you’re a gentle giant, you may train your dog to be one too. Be tough but restrained while ordering or correcting him.

  • Use “NO!”

By telling your bulldog “NO,” you may teach him discipline. When your dog approaches, never say “NO.” He respects you. This can make your “COME” command ambiguous.

Some dog owners scold misbehaving dogs with the “come” order. This discourages the dog from obeying “Come.”

  • Change bad habits.

They practice what their mother and siblings taught them and see how hard they can bite before being punished. Biting puppies should be distracted with chew toys.

 If your bulldog chews on your table leg or slippers, teach him what to gnaw on. Again, use a chew toy to shift his attention and behavior.

  • Get your bulldog some socialization.

Leash up and walk your bulldog. It helps your dog socialize with people and animals. Your dog will ultimately become less stubborn.


American bulldogs can be stubborn in their nature, and that doesn’t make them bad dogs. But being calm, patient, and firm will teach your dog to respect you and do what you say.

Most owners expect stubbornness from the breed, but you may avoid it with good care and exercise. Bulldog owners should put in more time, effort, and patience when training them to make them less stubborn.

Even if they’re stubborn, they’re still our pets, and their behavior can be amazing. Bulldog training requires patience, consistency, and tenacity.

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