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Free Fire - Get Aurora Oni MP5 and Midnight Oni bundle In Oni Spin Event

Free Fire – Get Aurora Oni MP5 and Midnight Oni bundle In Oni Spin Event

by Peter Barnes

Free Fire (FF) gamers were treated to a slew of new bundles, events, and the New Age campaign as part of the newest OB31 update patch. Developers appear to have a lot more intriguing things to contribute.

A brand-new skin for one of the most popular submachine guns, the MP5, will be available in Free Fire. Through a Winter Wheel event called “Oni Spin,” this gun came with a stunning purple-colored Midnight Oni bundle.

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The Aurora Oni MP5 has the following features:

  • Fire rate (++)
  • Penetration (+)
  • Magazine (-)

Prize pool of Oni spin event

  • MP5- Aurora Oni
  • Midnight Oni Bundle
  • Diamond Royal Voucher
  • Spikey spine Surfboard
  • Metallic (Famas + VSS) weapon loot crate
  • Weapon Royal voucher
  • Maniac Jinx Backpack
  • Cube Fragment
  • Palace poker badge
  • Artificial intelligence Weapon loot crate

To get the Midnight Oni bundle and Aurora Oni MP5 Skin, you’ll need diamonds.

There are three different ways to make spins.

  • One spin with 20 diamonds
  • Ten spins with 180 diamonds
  • One special spin with 40 diamonds

If a special spin is chosen, the chances of winning the big prize rise by three times. Though Free Fire does not guarantee how many times the chosen Aurora Oni MP5 or Midnight Oni bundle must be spun.

With 10, 20, and 30 spins, Free Fire delivers a diamond coupon, two royal weapon vouchers, and three cube fragments as stage rewards.


Step 1: Log in to your Free Fire account and start playing.

Step 2: The Aurora Oni MP5 and Midnight Oni bundle banner will show after you launch the home interface. The event interface will open automatically when you click the “Spin now” button. If you missed the banner, go to the events tab and select the calendar option.

Step 3: Select the number of spins you wish to perform and begin spinning.


Q: How many diamonds does MP5- Aurora Oni and Midnight Oni Bundle require?

A: The required diamonds are not mentioned. Making special spins with 40 diamonds increases your chances of winning a grand prize by three times. The prize pool may provide you with the same thing multiple times.

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