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Caitlyn the dog

“Justice Served: ‘Caitlyn the Dog’ Abuser Denied Parole and Will Serve Full Sentence”

Animal Cruelty

by Deborah Audas

William Dodson, also known as the abuser of “Caitlyn the dog,” has been denied parole and will serve the remaining six months of his sentence. Dodson, who pleaded guilty to felony ill treatment of animals last year, was sentenced to five years in state prison with credit for time served. At a recent parole hearing in Columbia, the seven-member board unanimously denied his release, as reported by the S.C. Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services spokesperson, Peter O’Boyle.

Caitlyn the dog
William Dodson

During the hearing, representatives from anti-animal cruelty activist groups and the Charleston Animal Society were present to ensure that the severity of the case was understood. Kay Hyman, director of community engagement for the Charleston Animal Society, emphasized how Caitlyn, a Staffordshire bull terrier mix, still bears visible scars on her nose and emotional scars from the heinous act committed by Dodson, as seen in a live stream broadcast on the group’s Facebook page.

Caitlyn was found roaming the streets with her snout bound shut with electrical tape for 36 hours, causing widespread outrage when images of her injuries went viral following Dodson’s arrest. Dodson claimed he wrapped the tape around her mouth to silence her barking, but prosecutors revealed that Caitlyn had been handed over to Dodson by an acquaintance.

Caitlyn the dog
Caitlyn the dog

In addition to serving the remainder of his state prison sentence, Dodson will also be remanded to federal custody to serve another sentence for unrelated weapons and drug crimes. He had previously tossed a loaded handgun, marijuana, and cocaine while fleeing from North Charleston police during a traffic stop, resulting in a 15-year federal sentence.

With parole denied, justice has been served for “Caitlyn the dog” and her abuser will serve the full extent of his sentence for this heinous act of animal cruelty.

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