Coinbase launches new global crypto think-tank

Coinbase Launches New Global Crypto Think-tank

by Ricardo Walter

Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has launched the Coinbase Institute to advance policy debate on cryptocurrency and the future of the Web3.

The institute’s mission is to provide Web3-related research, analysis, and insights.

According to the official Coinbase website, the institute will “fuel progress on decentralization, web3, and the future of finance” by bringing together leaders from a variety of fields.

It is built on four pillars: conducting and publishing research; hosting collaborative discussions with experts; forging institutional partnerships; and increasing public awareness of crypto and Web3.

New research reports

As part of the launch, a new report titled “Crypto and the Climate” has been published. This report describes how crypto uses energy and evaluates crypto’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The newly-announced institute has also released its first monthly insights report comparing crypto risk to traditional market risk. It emphasizes volatility and correlation with the market as a whole. The report finds that the volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum is comparable to that of commodities such as oil and gas.

As part of the initiative, Coinbase also announced a partnership with the University of Michigan.

The advisory board of the institute is comprised of representatives from the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab, MIT Sloan School, Harvard Business School, National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Michigan, European Corporate Governance Institute, Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business, and Duke Fuqua School of Business.

Hermine Wong, the Head of Policy at Coinbase and a former employee of the SEC and State Department, is leading this initiative with her team at Coinbase.

Along with Block, Fidelity Digital Assets, and Andressen Horowitz, Coinbase is one of the leading companies that formed the Crypto Council for Innovation, a global alliance to promote the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

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