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Family portraits

Funny Kids Ruined Family Portraits

by Peter Barnes

Old photographs are our lasting memory. Have you ever looked at your old family portraits and wondered, why was I wearing it?? Why was I act like that ?? bla bla bla…

Maybe you were dressed in a style that was popular at the time. So, who knows how that style will become so popular in the future? However, there is no need to panic. We all have similar experiences. So, everyone can look at their random shy photos and laugh at them, along with the rest of them. Our old pictures may be bad, but the value of old family photos is immense.

Take a look at the little ones in these funny family photos. It could be you!

This is too much now !

No Joy here

I am the boss here

I am the odd one here

Vacation from hell

You won’t fine me

Pinched Daddy. Too funny

Are we there yet?”

Perfect Shot

Target Achieved

Don’t look at this. It’s mine

family portraits

Where’s my hat?

Laughing or exited?

Photo shoot is important to me

Don’t confuse us

Hiding Mary

This is couple photo

Camera Shy and Vomiting

Family went through something before

Laughing Matter

All the pictures credit goes to respective owners. DM for any removal please.

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