How to apply for UK visa. Most important things to know (Part 1)

by Peter Barnes

These days many of youngsters wants to know how to be qualified for the UK visa. In general, everyone says England, but this is the United Kingdom. Therefore, I will keep explaining about the country.

The United Kingdom, for short, is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. But only England, Scotland and Wales belong to Great Britain.

The England created by a union of Anglo-Saxons. It was in 1536 that King Henry VIII annexed Wales to England. The Kingdom of Wales and England is governed by a single law beyond that. In 1707, the Kingdom of Great Britain merged with the Kingdom of Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1801 Ireland merged to form the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. But in 1922 the northern part of Ireland was left and the southern part was separated. This is what we have so far.

Scotland does not want the UK to leave the EU. Because there are products, especially alcohol buyers, in Europe. And Scotland has long been reluctant to submit to the laws of England. They want to be an independent state. A referendum was held in 2014 to leave the UK. But 55% of the people voted against it and there is still one country.

The United Kingdom also has a small archipelago called the British Isles. Parliament is the highest legislative body in the country. It is made up of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Queen.


Royalty is the tradition of this country. But since the Queen has given a lot of power to Parliament, this is a ritual that shows the pride of the country. But the Queen has a few traditional things to do with governing the country. Inviting the winning party to form the government, dissolving parliament, the Queen’s parliamentary speech and a resolution passed by a majority vote in Parliament requires her approval. But the Queen is an independent person. What’s special is that her birthday is a holiday in New Zealand and Australia.

Power is distributed among the four countries of the United Kingdom. Scotland has a separate parliament, but Wales and Northern Ireland have an assembly. Although health, transportation, education, agriculture, certain taxes, and sports can all be determined by that country, trade policy, immigration, foreign affairs, legislation, and country-related announcements are made by Parliament in Westminster. Or from the House of Commons.

Because of this, some laws differ between these countries. In Wales, for example, health is completely free. But a prescription in England costs 35 9.35 per prescription. Scotland and Northern Ireland have more power than Wales.

Readers can get rough idea about UK from above statement.

Now when it comes to visas, there are several types of visas.

• Work visa
• Study visa

• Business Visa
• Visitor Visa
• Family visa
• Settlement visa
• Transit Visa

Most of people requesting visas for education and employment.

The student visa is called Tier 4.
There are three types of student visas:

• Child
• General
• Short Term

Most of the time people used to come UK in the manner of a general. Child Student means children between the ages of 4-17 coming to school. Adults, that is, 18+ people, come from the General. This is called a point based system. Those who get more than 70 marks can come and post graduates will get a 2 year visa to find a job at the end of the course. At the end of a PhD you get 3 years.

To apply for a UK visa, you must obtain a CAS from a university called the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. It has to be a government approved university. They are listed on the websites. If you find it somewhere, check to see if it is approved.

You have to show money to apply for a visa for 28 days in a bank account with your name. The money needed to come and live here should be shown like that. Because they don’t want to bring in people who feel dependent on them. Now the universities have 28 days to check if there is money in the account to give CAS.

If you are apply for a university in London, you will need to show the maintenance cost to the applicant for £ 1265 for 9 months and for the dependent to come for £ 845 for 9 months. Elsewhere outside London, the applicant must pay 9 months for £ 1015 and 9 months for the dependent for 28 consecutive days. The most important thing about coming here is the money. It often causes you to lose your visa. When showing the maintenance fund, you can show the parents’ husband’s money. But they need a legal document that gives their consent that their money can be used. You can show money savings or fixed deposit. So if the money is in their name it is not an important visa rejection Have.

Read these basics today. Article will be continued with the details of other visas and the rest of the important things.

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