Do Girls Invest in Cryptocurrency? Most influential females in crypto

by Peter Barnes

Female cryptocurrency investors who silently increasing their wealth, do not spend unnecessarily and invest in their future plans. As of now, there are many wealthier female crypto traders are dominating cryptocurrency markets and trading platforms. That is why cryptocurrency news talking about female traders like Rachel Siegel frequently.

Rachel Siegel

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According to Rachel Siegel, she once worked as a substitute teacher in New York and lived on the salary she received there. “All of this happened because of the commitment I made to sitting next to my computer for years,” she says. “I spent a lot of time learning and I think anyone can achieve that.”

Today, there are 15 percent of women crypto traders in the market and that number continues to grow. With the announcement of Rachel Siegel in September many of women tend to start crypto trading now. In that she said, she had invested in Ethereum, tweeting: “Let’s do this #cryptotwitter.”

Lea Thompson

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Lea Thompson who famous in online by the username “Girl Gone Crypto” said that she fell down the crypto “rabbit hole” in year 2011 after watching her friend’s Crypto mining.  During an event of “2017 bull run”, her get experienced about cryptocurrency market and trading. Then she invested in Bitcoin and exited because bitcoin her bought went up to $20,000. Afterwards, she used to learn and trade in cryptocurrency market frequently.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a high-risk activity. There are many people who have lost their savings and homes after every success story of crypto investing. Many people who get rich quickly, use their YouTube channels and social media to talk about their expensive homes, luxury cars and holiday vacations and try to recruit others to their network. However, the majority of them are men.

Wendy O

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According to Wendy O, who worked in HIV/AIDS healthcare field has already earned her first million dollars. Wendy says she realized her dream of being a stay-at-home mom, and she no longer need to worry about money. Her trade earing use for future investment and home expenditures. She said that “If someone do cryptocurrency trading, better to learn it and do. Don’t waste your valuable money and time before”

“I grew up very poor and lost my father when I was 11,” she says. “Me with my mom and two sisters shared one bedroom in a cousin’s house until I was 18, but now I can take care of my family.”

In 2017, she became an investor. Since she did not have the $ 25,000 to open a brokerage account, she decided to trade cryptocurrencies. At the end of that year, she spent about $ 1,000 on Bitcoin which is now roughly three times as valuable. “Women have patient than men… that is why women become success in cryptocurrency trading than men” she said.

Sara Trojanowska

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Sara Trojanowska AKA Alt Coin Sara is another famous cryptocurrency investor. According to her there are major differences between how men and women invest in crypto trading. “I think women are better investors. They take their time, analyses the markets. When it’s come to the men, they are very aggressive and taking risk for quick profit. Finally get loss their trading”.

The woman claims she splashed out on crypto after watching her partner get into the market, but didn’t understand the market enough to invest wisely. The learning curve was steep. She says she is now financially free, but she has another goal of becoming a multimillionaire by 30.

Sara says that after seeing her partner trading in the crypto market, she also used to do so. But she was not able to understand the market enough to invest wisely. Finally, she got it by analyzing and learning trade curves. Her next goal is to becoming a millionaire at age 30.

Why women in cryptocurrencies get ridiculed?

Women in cryptocurrencies enjoy great financial success, and they are often ridiculed. As Sara explains, despite the obvious success of the online crypto culture, sexism is hard to ignore in this industry.

Same problem is familiar to Rachel Siegel also. In September 2020, she released a cute selfie photo of herself in a robe as NFT. She titled it as “Thirsts explode in NFT platforms with predictable results”, and picture went on viral. She got reply “shut up slut.”

Wendy O also had a same problem. “Ever since the day I started publishing content, people have always called me stupid.” If a woman come in to crypto investment, she should think: Does she avoid investing with people who are considered women as an idiots or sex objects, or do you raise it and attract even more investment opportunities?

At present, successful women like Rachel and Wendy in cryptocurrencies, do not buy Lamborghini and Bugatti, but they have gained unprecedented freedom and are economically strong. But it is worthwhile to find out what economic level their opponents are at now.

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