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Will It Beard : Guy Puts Random Things In His Beard Become New Trend

by Peter Barnes

Pierce Thiot a photographer who famous for the putting vivid items in to beard and creating new trends with it. As a result of his amazing beard styles he and his wife Stacy Thiot have started a creative Tumblr called ‚ÄúWill It Beard‚ÄĚ.

While he working, he used to keep his pen on his beard. One day, his mother invited him to attend her grand kids’ talent show. In that he put 20 pencils on his beard in order to show his talent over there. With that motivation, he just put Shaving razors, Balloons, Dollars, Cookies, Fruits, Flowers and even lit matches in to Pierce’s beard.

Since then, Pierce couple have been sharing beard styles photos on Tumblr and Instagram. This is how Pierce Thiot made a new trend on beard styles.

Photo Credit : Will It Beard

Shutterbulky | Facebook Page

will it beard

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