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7 Unbelievable Facts about Historic Sex Toy 3

7 Unbelievable Facts about Historic Sex Toy

by Peter Barnes

In this day and age, novelty adult wellness products are slowly becoming more popular. This is mostly because the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard to move around and interact with other people. But the demand for sex toys had been steadily growing for a long time before the law made it illegal to talk to other people.

Researchers uncovered an eight-inch-long, three-centimeter-wide phallus-shaped stone object concealed in a cave in a German mountain in 2005. After deeper study, experts concluded they were looking at the world’s oldest known dild0. This sex device, which dates back almost 28,000 years, predates civilization, religion, and marriage.

sex toy
Sex Toy – Peter Zetterlund/Swedish National Heritage Board

More and more women are realizing that trying out sexual pleasure through toys is no longer a big no-no. This has led to a huge rise in the market for these kinds of things.

The global sex toys industry was valued at US $33.64 billion in 2020, and it was predicted to grow rapidly. Female-oriented products account for approximately 60% of the market.

Few people realize that sex toys have existed since ancient times. The first dild0 was found in a cave in Germany. It may have been made 28,000 years ago.

The phallus-like object was made out of siltstone and is 20 cm long and 3 cm wide.

It is neither battery-powered nor hypoallergenic, unlike its current cousin. The question of whether it was used solely for sexual pleasure remains unsolved.

It’s Not the First Time

The dild0, which dates back 28,000 years, is not the first of its sort. Other pieces of stone that look like phalluses have been found in Morocco and France. Some of these are much older.

Male genitalia or phallic symbols were rarely depicted during this time period.

On the other hand, many archeological sites have a lot of information about female genitalia symbols. This is because they were very common at the time.

Due to how rare the instrument is, researchers are still not sure if it was used as a sex toy.

sex toy
Sex Toy – Museum Of Prehistory Blaubeuren

Phallus: Fractured Parts

During an excavation duty at the Hohle Fels Cave in the Swabian Alps in Germany in 2005, a team of researchers from the University of Tübingen discovered a strange artifact that is now considered the world’s oldest dild0.

The discovery was made when the crew pieced together the object’s 14 fragmented pieces.

They discovered that it had a remarkable similarity to an erect male genital organ after it was put together. Radiocarbon dating estimated the age to be between 26,000 and 30,000 years old.

Toy Polished

The artifact is still considered one of the oldest depictions of male sexuality.

The prehistoric “tool” is 20 cm long and 3 cm wide and constructed of stone. Some argue that the object’s life-size is a strong indicator that its ancient creators used it as a sex toy.

Other experts said it could have been used for anything other than sex, such as a ritual object.

It’s unclear whether the ancient users were males, females, or both, regardless of the real meaning or shape.

Scars from Flint Knapping

Professor Nicholas J. Conard of the university’s Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology research department says that scars on the supposedly old dild0 show that it was used to knapp flints at some point.

Those marks can be seen in some places and are thought to be typical markings found in other prehistoric flint tools, such as stone hammers and antlers.

However, based on the engraved rings around one end, Professor Conard emphasized the artifact’s symbolic features of male genitalia. It’s also well-polished.

sex toy
Sex Toy – Wikimedia Commons

Recent Discoveries

Similar items – albeit from a much more recent period in history – have been on exhibit at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach, Florida, for everybody in the United States.

The museum has a lot of sexual artifacts from ancient Greek and Roman cultures that are 3,000 years old, as well as a jade dild0 from Japan that is 1,000 years old and has been decorated with a lot of detail and is made of jade.

When asked about the discovery in Germany, museum director David Tarmago said the word “sex toy” didn’t seem appropriate because many sex-related objects were venerated items that were frequently used in prayer or in connection with the gods.

Medical Interventions

According to Tarmago, many archaeological artefacts in the shape of modern-day sex toys were used by ancient humans as a type of offering to the gods.

To encourage conception, the artefacts were placed in a designated location in the house. Even though it wasn’t ruled out that they could be used to sexually stimulate and interact with themselves, the chances of them becoming dild0s were low.

Back then, sexual pleasure was not as important as having a huge family. As early as the late 1800s, people used vibrators to cause 0rgasm as a way to treat dementia.

sex toy
European Association Of Urology

Additional Samples

In July 2010, another dild0-like device was discovered at a Mesolithic site in Sweden. A lot of old things from between 4,000 and 6,000 BC have been found at the site.

One of the strange things about the site is how well bone pieces that usually break down over thousands of years have been kept.

The bone object, discovered in Sweden, measured 10.5 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter. From what has been found so far, it looks like more ancient objects related to sex will be found.

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