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Brutal Killer Adolf Eichmann’s Story

by Peter Barnes

Those who do not know the name “Eichmann” are invited to look at the first photo attached before reading the article and come to a preconceived notion about the person.

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The pleasant-looking officer in it is named Adolf Eichmann. Born 19 March 1906 in Germany, The man in the picture managed the massacre and concentration camps during Hitler’s “final solution” to the Jewish problem. He was well-known among the German military leaders as one who happily and enthusiastically carried out his murderous work.

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His orders activated poison gas chambers that killed hundreds of thousands of people, filled trains with one call, loaded people into concentration camps, signed a document, and set out to hunt down ex-Jews in their homes. The soldiers who went there robbed the men, cut off their hair and sent them to concentration camps, where all the looted valuables went to the German treasury. He has been indicted on a number of charges in Israel. It was April 11, 1961.

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A few facts from that judgment will suffice to understand the horror of the cruel and beastly spirit beneath that pleasant appearance.

  • The use of poison gas and other means to kill millions of Jews inside the Auschwitz, Chelmno, Belzek, Sobibor, Troblinka, and Maidenac concentration camps.
  • Forced employment in labor camps
  • Forced sterilization and abortion, fasting.
  • Organizing the abduction of the hair and teeth, clothing, and even the prosthesis of the dead and the dead and sending them to Germany.
  • Deploying people for testing.

Those are few things from the charges.

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Now let’s look at his job.

Killing millions of people is not an easy task. There were a lot of problems there, the cost of killing, holding on to the dead, removing the rings, necklaces, gold teeth, jewelry from the corpses, cutting long hair, disposing of corpses before they were spoiled, that was Aikman’s job. Challenges received. No matter how many challenges there were, “increasing the speed of killing” was becoming a matter of urgency. Because at that time more prisoners were being brought in than were being killed.

He sought answers to these questions with Himmler, Commander-in-Chief of Hitler’s army. Initially, they shot and killed people. But when women and children were shot, the German soldiers’ backlash and morale became a problem. It was also a reason to want to cut the cost of bullets. They wanted more profit from the killings.

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Aikman described to Himmler how lorries had killed people in the eastern part of the country. But it became a practical problem to fill so many buildings and produce so much carbon monoxide that they would die. It was also necessary to find plots of land suitable for the construction of buildings suitable for filling with toxic gases.

Himmler finds a quiet, place in Poland suitable for work. It is home to the Auschwitz camp, one of the main massacres camps that held 1.3 million people and killed 1.1 million. Outswitch is a complex of about 40 genocide camps. It was easily connected to a number of major railways, making it easy to transport people. In the meantime, they discovered that people could easily be killed using Zyklon gas.

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When it comes to Aikman, one cannot forget the incidents in which millions of children were killed. It will come out in his judgment. Children brought in by family from trains are snatched from their parents and torn to pieces in front of their parents, smashed against the walls, and stories are told in the case. Inside the poisoned gas chambers, the corpses of ex-parents who hugged their children to prevent them from inhaling the air, the savage stories of surviving children being thrown into ovens and children being thrown out of building windows.

Those stories can be written even for a month. But I think it is enough.

Now look at that picture again.

We hope to summarize in the future how Aikman was captured and taken to Israel. Stay tuned with us

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