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colorized vintage photos

20 Amazingly Colorized Vintage Photos You Should Save

by Peter Barnes

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Lorenzo-Folli is a creative artist who do colorized vintage photos and love coloring and restoring black and white photos. He is an active member of Reddit and become a one of most popular artists on the ColorizedHistory and Colorization sub Reddit.

Black and white photos of yourself will change the way you think about the past. As we live in the present, we remember memories of our past in color. So through the creative process of colorized black and white photos, that world becomes more familiar, easier to imagine and easier to connect with. If your grand parents can see these colorized old photos, they will be amazed.

You know movie coloring can be done manually or digitally. Prior to the 1970s, film coloring was required directly on the stock of films for the most basic coloring. The advent of computers allowed digital coloring, a fast but still time consuming process.

In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “It often depends on the skill of the designer and when you look at these pictures you will think that Lorenzo Folli is such a genius.

Look how these colorized historical photos bring you to the history. If you also like to experiment with coloring, you can get help with these colorized vintage photos.

Soviet Major General near the sculptural lion at the monument to Kaiser Wilhelm I in Berlin, May 1945.

The building behind as well as the monument are gone today. Both were damaged during the war. But ultimately destroyed for being symbols of the monarchy which was unwanted in the socialist GDR. As you can see, both were not in such a bad state that this was necessary. The palace was replaced with the Palace of the Republic, the East German parliament.

Neil Armstrong, Commander of the space ship Apollo 11, speaking to a technician during a suiting at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida. 1969.

The mission Apollo 11, the command module (Apollo Lunar Module) call sign was Columbia, and the lander’s call sign was called Eagle. however, the call signs “Columbia” and “Eagle” were only used when the two vehicles flew independently. When they were docked in flight, their call sign was the mission number “Apollo 11”.

Robert Capa Sicilian peasant telling an American officer which way the Germans had gone. Near Troina. Italy. August, 1943.

Albert Einstein in his Study at Princeton, 1947. One of amazing colorized vintage photos.

Einstein was born on Pi Day. Do you know these 5 fun facts about Albert Einstein?

  • Einstein didn’t wear socks.
  • Einstein was a slow learner, at first.
  • Einstein played the violin.
  • Einstein was a Swiss Patent Examiner.
  • Einstein loved sailing.

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signs the Act of Military Surrender in Berlin (8 May 1945).

526 days after this photo was taken, he was hanging from a rope. When he fell out of the trap rope, his face hit the side causing wounds and his fall slowed. He was shocked for 24 minutes at the end of the rope and finally died.

Elvis Presley and his parents, 1937.

Rare Photograph of Revolutionary Veteran Who Lived until the dawn of practical photography in the early 1840s.

In 2017, the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania exhibited photographs of more than ten veterans of the war (1775–1783) and there’s a book of photos of six Revolutionary War veterans, The Last Men of the Revolution (1864) by E. B. Hillard. You can refer it also.

Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, during the first ‘Big Three’ Conference, November 1943.

FDR contracted polio in 1921 and never recovered fully from it. During his entire presidential, he could not walk unassisted.

During the First World War, Ernest Hemingway volunteered to serve in Italy as an ambulance driver with the American Red Cross.

During the Second World War he drove around with a group of irregulars, shooting people. He claimed to have personally been the first to liberate Paris, which is a stretch, and also the Ritz hotel, which is false, but he was definitely the first person to liberate his favorite bar Paris. He also had a lung infection at this time. Later cured it out at the Riz Hotel. He is mentioned a few times in Sir Anthony Beevor’s book Second World War. It is actually Great read with so many different insights.

Prince Leopold and Prince Arthur, The Prince’s are both dressed for the Bal Costumé that took place at Buckingham Palace, 1857,

According to the historical resources, Prince Leopold was very bright and artistic. Sadly he was born with Hemophilia, for which there was no effective treatment, so he endured a great deal of suffering. Prince Arthur was the Duke of Connaught from 1874 until 1942. His grandson, Alastair, was the 2nd Duke of Connaught until 1943. It went extinct after him and probably won’t be used again. Arthur is the great-grandfather of Carl XVI Gustaf and Margrethe II.

Abraham Lincoln – November 1863 – Washington DC. one of nicely colorized vintage photos.

Funny Fact: A woman once accused Lincoln of being two faced. Lincoln replied “madam, if I had two faces do you think I would’ve worn this one?”

Leonarda Cianciulli – Colorized vintage photos

Look at this one of colorized vintage photos. Leonarda Cianciulli (1893 – 1970) was famous as Italian serial killer. Commonly known as The Soap-Maker of Correggio. She brutally murdered three women in the Correggio town, Reggio Emilia, in between 1939 – 1940. By using caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide she turned their bodies into soap and tea-cakes.

Rome, Benito Mussolini is arrested after a heated rally, on April 11, 1915

This was in Rome, April 11, 1915. Benito Mussolini held a rally calling for Italian intervention in WWI. At that time, Italy was Neutral. The Italian Socialist Party also advocated Neutrality, and Mussolini, who was a major leader in the Party, was one of the men who advocated Neutrality and wrote speeches condemning the war. Still this photo remain as one of great colorized vintage photos.

Rhetorical gestures of Adolf Hitler. One of nicely colorized vintage photos.

Adolf Hitler practices his rhetorical gestures in 1932, the year he became a German citizen and a year before he became its chancellor.

Muhammad Ali finger-pointing Joe Frazier, 1974 – colorized vintage photos

Muhammad Ali finger-pointing during the weigh-in before his second boxing match with Joe Frazier, New York, January 23, 1974

Elvis Presley and Judy Tyler, 1957

Can you remember? She played Princess Summerfall Winterspring on The Howdy Doody Show. She died so young

One of amazing colorized vintage photos which it all began, Steve Jobs in 1984

Image of Mussolini full of bullet holes during the landing of Anzio, 1944

Crashing plane ww2

A Japanese Judy burning after being shot down by anti-aircraft fire from the USS Wasp (CV-18) off the Ryukyu’s on 18 March 1945. One of amazingly colorized vintage photos.

Enjoyed Colorized vintage photos? Finally, we gives you colorized vintage video 🙂

All of these colorized vintage photos credited to Lorenzo-Folli.

Sources- Wikipedia and Reddit

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