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Diego Frazao

Memory of Little Violinist Diego Frazao – Great Story Behind a Picture

Diego Torquato Violin

by Peter Barnes

Diego Frazao Torquato was born in 1997 in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His home at a slum called Parada de Lucas.  The situation in these slum villages is very poor. 

Life is very difficult when both being born poor and being born a black man happen together. Drug trafficking, especially through the underworld in Rio de Janeiro, is like a big tree with roots. Weapons trafficking, Forcible use in prostitution, Abduction for ransom, Murder on contract, Child trafficking, all these misdeeds take place in these slum centers. It would be a miracle if a little one like Diego Frazao Torquato could get a good education and win life in the right way.

With all that, Diego Frazao Torquato is sick from birth. At the same time, having leukemia at the age of four makes the condition worse. As a child, Diego Frazao had to spend a lot of time in hospitals. As a result, the school journey is disrupted. But this little one had a dream. That is to become a talented musician. “All I want to do is become the best violinist in Rio ever.” Having said that, there are endless times when little Diego Torquato is ridiculed by his friends.

Even if the school journey is hampered, the little one learned violin musics by borrowing money from people he knows. Due to his poverty, Diego’s name become popular among child underworld gang.

At this point that the attention of Evandro Joao Silva, a social service liaison officer, comes to little violinist Diego. Evandro was a talented musician who worked as a child welfare worker in the slum village of Paradada Lucas.

This social worker was surprised to hear Diego play the violin. That’s why Evandro is training Diego to play the violin and recruiting him to a local band that he leads. This little violinist is so emotional and beautiful that he’s quickly getting a lot of attention. Evandro’s love and care for Diego Frazao, who has not been cared for by anyone since he was a child.

Meanwhile, Evandro Silva has been shot dead in the middle of a mafia robbery in Rio. That was in October 2009. At the funeral of this social worker, the little ones played his violin. Tears well up in this little one’s eyes as he plays his teacher’s favorite piece of music.

This little one does not have the sweat or the desire to wipe away those tears. This scene captured by a professional photographer in the city and was published in a well-known daily newspaper in Brazil under the headline “Sensitive photo of recent history”. This picture will become famous not only in Brazil but in the whole world in one day.

Due to this, Diego Frazao Torquato was invited by a well-known band of minors in the area. The band is led by a voluntary organization that works against the involvement of minors in drug trafficking. In a month, this little one will become the star of this band called Hope.

Poverty, Slum life and little boy who fighting with leukemia rapidly gaining the world attention. No matter how much he loves publicity, none of it is enough to erase the untimely death of his teacher. This little one suffers from stress and depression because of the grief of losing his teacher.

Diego returns to Brazil’s flagship TV Globo’s year – end concert. This luck with the death of his teacher will not last long. This little one who was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2010 is being hospitalized. During his first few days in the hospital, Diego Frazao occasionally plays the violin and tries to please other patients on the ward. But on April 1, 2010, Diego left the world. This is due to the exacerbation of side effects associated with pneumonia.

Diego Frazao
Diego Frazao Torquato’s Parents

During that year, various associations and newspapers presented various awards to Diego Frazao. But this lovely little one is not among us to get any of that. This post is about the loving memories of Diego Frazao Torquato (1997/2010) who lived in a dark well, had wonderful dreams, got sick, and lived in poverty for a while. That dream, that sweat, that honesty should be appreciated. “You don’t have to dream of getting stuck. For something more beautiful,” Diego tells us.

Amigos de Diego do Violino prestam a última homenagem

FAQs about Diego Frazao Torquato

Q1: Who was Diego Frazao Torquato?

A1: Diego Frazao Torquato was a young musician born in 1997 in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite facing extreme poverty and health challenges, Diego pursued his dream of becoming a talented violinist.

Q2: What challenges did Diego face in his life?

A2: Diego faced the harsh realities of slum life, including poverty, violence, and a battle with leukemia that began at the age of four. His difficult circumstances made it challenging for him to pursue education and his passion for music.

Q3: How did Diego’s musical journey begin?

A3: Despite his health and financial struggles, Diego learned to play the violin by borrowing money from people he knew. His talent gained attention in the slum, and he became known among the child underworld gang.

Q4: Who played a crucial role in Diego’s life?

A4: Social service liaison officer Evandro Joao Silva played a crucial role in Diego’s life. Impressed by Diego’s violin skills, Evandro mentored him, trained him, and recruited him into a local band. Their bond was tragically cut short when Evandro was shot dead during a robbery in 2009.

Q5: How did Diego’s story gain international attention?

A5: A poignant moment at Evandro’s funeral, where Diego played his teacher’s favorite piece on the violin, was captured by a professional photographer. The image became famous worldwide, shedding light on Diego’s story of resilience and talent amid adversity.

Q6: What was the impact of Diego’s story on the world?

A6: Diego’s story brought attention to issues of poverty, slum life, and the struggles faced by individuals fighting illnesses like leukemia. His musical talent and the emotional photograph touched hearts globally, leading to invitations to join bands and perform.

Q7: What happened to Diego in his later years?

A7: Despite the recognition and opportunities, Diego’s health deteriorated, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia in February 2010. Unfortunately, he passed away on April 1, 2010, leaving behind a legacy of resilience and determination.

Q8: How was Diego remembered after his passing?

A8: Various associations and newspapers presented awards to Diego Frazao Torquato posthumously. His story continues to be a source of inspiration, highlighting the importance of recognizing dreams, resilience, and honesty in the face of adversity.

Q9: What message did Diego leave for the world?

A9: Diego’s message was one of hope and beauty. Despite his challenging circumstances, he encouraged others not to get stuck dreaming of something less beautiful and to strive for something more meaningful.

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