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Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

Alexandra Vera

by Peter Barnes

As a summary of the story…

Here’s what we know about Alexandria Vera, a 24-year-old Houston school teacher, and her 13-year-old student so far.

Alexandria Vera, a 24-year-old teacher in Houston, has admitted that she dated one of her 13-year-old students for eight months, which led to an unplanned pregnancy that she had to get rid of.

Alexandria Vera surrendered and was released after posting a $100,000 bond. She is currently awaiting trial on charges of continuous sexual assault of a youngster and has made no public statements. However, she is said to have informed detectives that she and the boy, whose name has not been revealed, are in love.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

Last summer, they began their love affair with the help of Instagram and with the boy’s parents’ consent. As evidenced by court documents and the investigation, the timeline looks something like this:

  • Summer 2015: The young man is enrolled in Alexandria Vera’s summer school class. He flirts with her and inquires about her Instagram handle, but she declines.
  • Later summer 2015: Vera receives word that the boy will be in her class for the forthcoming school year. Their romance continues after school starts.
  • September 2015, AlexandriaVera sees the boy’s absence from class and sends him an Instagram message to see how he’s doing. He responds by requesting her phone number and attempting to set up a meeting with her. She accepts, and the two drive around before kissing. The next day, they have intercourse for the first time.
  • At the school’s open house on October 8, 2015, Alexandria Vera meets the boy’s parents for the first time. She then goes to the boy’s house for dinner and is introduced as his girlfriend.
  • Late fall/early winter 2015–2016: The boy’s parents accept Alexandria Vera’s relationship with the boy, and she is invited to a number of family events. As the relationship develops, Alexandria Vera has more and more sexual encounters with the boy. begins to feel that she and the boy are in love.
  • January 2016: Vera becomes pregnant with Boy, and his family accepts and welcomes the baby.
  • February 2016: Child Protective Services shows up at Alexandria Vera’s school without warning to ask her and the boy about their relationship. She denies the relationship, but the suspicion is enough to cause her to terminate the pregnancy. Alexandria Vera, on the other hand, gives her phone to the school district’s police department and shows them a bunch of messages about her contact with the boy.
  • April 2016: The relationship is made public, and Alexandria Vera is expelled from school and placed on administrative leave. The school district’s police department sends their findings to the district attorney’s office, which starts putting together charges.

Alexandria Vera now faces a sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

Read Alexandria Vera’s & JT’s incredible love story.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

Alexandria was recognized at Stovall for being a lighthearted teacher. She wasn’t a strict teacher, and she was nice to her students.

Alexandria had a 13-year-old student named “J.T.” in her class during the summer of 2015.

Alexandria remembered J.T. being there to finish the summer school term, and she remembered his being rude to her initially.

J.T. eventually began asking Alexandria for her Instagram handle so that he could communicate with her there.

Alexandria later admitted to investigators that she did not reveal her identity to him, but that once the summer session ended, he was able to track her down on social media.

He sent her a friend request.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

J.T.’s friend request was eventually rejected by Alexandria Vera without hesitation.

When school started up again in the fall, she discovered that J.T. had been assigned to her English class.

While Alexandria was J.T.’s teacher, she noticed that his behavior toward her had become flirty, and she begged him to cease.

Then, in September, J.T. didn’t show up for class, and she wondered if he was okay. She remembered he had an Instagram account and decided to contact him through it.

Alexandria Vera presumably texted J.T. to remind him that he had an assignment due soon and to check in on him to see whether he was okay.

J.T. responded to her message on Instagram.

J.T., according to Alexandria Vera, did respond with a note. He then proceeded to inquire about her phone number.

For whatever reason, Alexandria handed it to him. But it didn’t end there; she agreed to meet up with J.T. outside of school and spend the day with him.

Alexandria claimed that J.T. had been the improper one when they first met, but now she was the one who was crossing lines and breaching boundaries.

This teacher then told J.T. that she was going to get in her car, drive over to his parents’ house, and pick him up so they could spend time together.

It’s difficult to understand why she was okay with it, but she was. Alexandria drove J.T. around in her car after picking him up from his house.

Alexandria Vera then kissed J.T.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

Continue reading on Alexandra Vera’s story…

Alexandra Vera got behind the wheel of her automobile the next day after their illicit kiss and drove straight over to J.T.’s house.

She knew his parents wouldn’t be home, so she slept with J.T. after arriving at the family’s home.

J.T.’s parents met Alexandria for the first time at the school’s open house night the following month, on October 8th, 2015.

They had no idea what was going on with their son’s instructor, but Alexandria Vera informed officials that they found out fast.

Alexandria said that after the open house, she went to J.T.’s house, where he told his parents that she was now his girlfriend and that they were dating.

Alexandria Vera said that after the open house, she went to J.T.’s house, where he told his parents that she was now his girlfriend and that they were dating.

She stated that J.T.’s mother and father were both fine with them being together, and that she spent time with them on family occasions.

Later, in court, it would be shown that Alexandria’s relationship with J.T. was okay with his family for many different reasons.

Alexandria used money from her teacher’s income to help J.T.’s parents with various expenses.

She gave them groceries, assisted them with their rent payments, and paid for their cellphones.

Not only did J.T.’s parents allow the relationship to continue, but they also let J.T. have sleepovers with Alexandria often.

According to court filings, Alexandria and J.T. slept with each other nearly every day for months at Alexandria’s house.

When morning arrived, Alexandria would return J.T. to his home, allowing him to board the bus and attend school as a regular student. On the other hand, what Alexandria was doing with J.T. was out of the ordinary.

While Alexandria believed J.T.’s parents were supportive of her relationship, others did not.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

The young teenage boy who was regularly coming and going from Alexandria’s house was noticed by neighbors.

Even though he was not Alexandria’s older brother, his small daughter persuaded curious minds that he was.

Behind closed doors, Alexandria’s daughter was literally calling J.T. “daddy.”

Alexandria let J.T. and his father stay at her house for a while to make it appear as if she was in a relationship with J.T.’s father.

The neighbors weren’t the only ones who were curious about what was going on.

Students began to realize that something was going on between this teacher and her student at school.

Rumors began to circulate, and other students at the school began to debate what was going on…

… even catching sight of Alexandria and J.T. making inappropriate contact during school hours.

While at Stovall Middle School, Alexandria and J.T. didn’t do much to hide their illicit relationship.

CPS learned of the situation and planned to show up at Alexandria’s school without her knowledge.

Alexandria was understandably concerned when CPS began chatting with her. She was concealing some pretty shocking information.

Alexandria found out she was pregnant with J.T.’s child in January 2016, after seeing him for several months. Yes, this 24-year-old teacher was carrying the child of her 13-year-old student.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

According to court filings, J.T.’s family was ecstatic and supportive after learning of Alexandria’s pregnancy.

Alexandria was terrified when CPS arrived at Stovall Middle School in February to speak with her about her supposed relationship.

She didn’t know that her classmates were watching her, so she ended up getting an abortion to hide the fact that she was seeing someone.

CPS interrogated her about the relationship she was believed to be having with J.T. as well as her pregnancy.

Alexandria was adamant that they were doing everything wrong. She insisted that there was no romance going on and that there was no baby on the way.

Despite Alexandria’s denials, the reality eventually caught up with her.

How did Alexandria Vera get caught?

Alexandria Vera was detained after Child Protective Services personnel were alerted to the possibility of a sexual relationship and discovered during their inquiry that Vera had become pregnant and had an abortion.

The principal, who had been informed of the inappropriate relationship by someone at the school, went straight to Alexandria to confront her with the information she had.

April of 2016 had arrived. When the principal confronted Alexandria about the accusation, she gave in.

When she admitted to having a relationship with J.T., the cops were summoned to help with the inquiry.

Alexandria’s phone records were obtained and revealed a story that was significantly different from the one she told CPS.

Based on the text conversations and evidence on her phone, it was clearly evident that she was having an affair with J.T. She had also given him images of herself in her underwear.

As soon as Alexandria revealed the truth to the school’s principal, she was placed on administrative leave.

Soon after, she decided to take her daughter to Disney World for a holiday.

When she returned home, she immediately went on the run, and no one was able to locate her. Police quickly issued a warrant for her arrest because they had enough proof to charge her with sexually abusing children on a regular basis.

Alexandria surrendered to authorities in June of 2016. Her bond was set at $100,000, which she was able to pay, allowing her to be released.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

Where is Alexandria Vera incarcerated?

Alexandria was released on bond and had to wear an ankle monitor while awaiting trial. She was also forbidden from speaking to J.T. in any way, and she was ordered to remain away from not only the school where she had worked but also from all schools.

She was facing a sentence of 25 years in prison for what she had done. Alexandria was eventually offered a deal if she agreed to plead guilty to aggravated sexual abuse of a child, which was a lesser crime than the one she was originally charged with.

Alexandria agreed to the terms of the agreement. She was sentenced to a decade in prison at Murray Unit in January 2017, and she will be eligible for parole after serving 5 years of her term.

J.T. was placed in foster care as a result of his circumstances. It’s unclear whether he has been reunited with his family or is still separated.

Alexandria Vera, A Teacher Who Had Sexual Relations With 13-Year-Old Student

You might be wondering why Alexandria put her entire life on the line. Why would a teacher risk her life in such a way? Why would she abandon her daughter to someone else’s care because of her actions?

Alexandria did provide the police an explanation for why she did what she did.

Alexandria explained her actions by stating that she and J.T. were in love. She claimed that she did everything for love.

Former teacher, once pregnant by student, sentenced for aggravated sexual assault of child (Documentary)

Credit: The Medlin | CBS News All the information and photo credit goes to respective authorities. DM for removal please.

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