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Best Goth Hairstyles For Curly Hair

by Peter Barnes

Goth hairstyles are known for their dark and dramatic appearance, which matches the goth subculture’s style. There are two types of goth hairstyles. One is a punk-inspired style that’s often seen in malls and is considered more “Goth” than “Gothic.” The other type is an authentic Gothic hairstyle that resembles Victorian-era hairdos. While it may be challenging to achieve, it can create an impressive look. Some common goth hairstyles include:

  • Long, straight black hair with blunt bangs or a center part.
  • Short, choppy hairstyles with jagged layers and asymmetrical cuts.
  • Dyed hair in bold colors, such as black, red, purple, or blue.
  • Elaborate updos or braids with intricate details, such as spikes, studs, or chains.
  • Wavy or curly hair with lots of volume and texture.

Accessories such as hair clips, headbands, and hats are often used to add extra flair to goth hairstyles. Overall, goth hairstyles are all about expressing individuality and embracing a dark, edgy aesthetic.

Before we jump into the topic properly, let’s see some details about Goth Hairstyle.

The History of Gothic Hairstyles

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Victorian era goth hairstyles for curly hair | Pinterest

The Gothic lifestyle is named after a Victorian phrase for a dark and violent type of literature. It can also be used to talk about a scary style of building from the Middle Ages called “Gothic.”

Goths that embrace the Victorian aspect of the lifestyle are drawn to it by their love of punk music and imagination. The original punk outfit embraced a flowing, Victorian style, complete with top hats, velvet, and ruffles, while imbuing it with its own distinct vibe. Even though Goths no longer share a love of punk music, they still share a love of dark fantasy, and there are many events throughout the year where they can dress up and get together in all their glory.

Gothic Hairstyles for Women

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Goth hairstyles for curly hair | Pinterest

The style might range from medieval to Elizabethan to Victorian to outright punk, but it’s all Goth. Many Goths dye their hair black or black with shades of odd colors like vivid red or purple to make it stand out. However, blondes and redheads can also be Goth.

Hair can be worn down in a seventies style, although it’s usually done with a fall or a hair extension. Elvira is an excellent illustration of this, but some may argue that she is not at all Goth. The beauty of Goth is that it may mean different things to different people.

How to Style a Gothic Haircut

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Goth hairstyles for curly hair | Pinterest

Obviously, the first step is to figure out what looks good on you and what feels appropriate. The romantic and mysterious big hair, which usually incorporates crimped or curled hair, combines well with most of the costumes, especially if you enjoy corsets. A tight corset contrasts nicely with big, romantic hair.

This look is similar to that of a 1950s hairstyle or a beehive hairdo. To make your hair stand up, do a lot of backcombing and rattling, and then use a lot of products to keep it that way. Setting your hair on rollers and then creating a simple updo style with accessorizing as needed may be easier.

You’ll appear beautiful, sexy, and exquisite with loose curls mostly pinned up with some long curls cascading down the back. Even at its most punk, the Goth appearance is all about the clothes and makeup, so as long as your hair fits the rest of your outfit, you’ll be OK.

Punks and Goths Hairstyles

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Punk and Goth hairstyles for curly hair | PinterestPinterest

The appeal of punk music today is the same as it was in the 1970s: it can be anything you want it to be. You can go completely black with buckles, stripes, and white makeup, or velvet with flounces and wacky hats to achieve the punk Goth appearance. Alternatively, do whatever makes you happy.

The color is frequently more important than the cut in gothic hairstyles. Goth colors include blues, pinks, greens, and, of course, black. But, in the end, Goth is all about attitude and mindset. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

Goth hairstyles for curly hair: Can curly hair go with a gothic outfit? 

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Goth hairstyles for curly hair | Pinterest

Goth hairstyles for curly hair can be styled in a variety of ways. By keeping it short and simple, you may give it a romantic or mystical feel. The curls will be easier to handle and style because of the weight, and they will grow larger. However, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time cleaning, drying, and caring for it. It will last so long that the entire experience may transport you to mystical realms!

This length doesn’t get as frizzy as shorter lengths, but it dries faster, so you’ll need to use conditioner in every wash, and I’d recommend investing in an excellent leave-in serum to use after each wash. Please don’t buy one of the spray formats because they don’t work. I’ve tried them all and they’re all a waste of time; it’s like leaving your hair naked.

There are various options to limit the problem to a minimum for all those corporate Goths or those who can’t be arsed to spend an hour in the shower. You can either cut it straight to your shoulder or cut it in half (just above or slightly below the shoulder, but never just on the shoulder or it will not fall gracefully because the bone is on the way).

Michelle Pfeiffer’s haircut in Batman Returns is a great example of this style However, I still enjoy it after more than a decade! especially the notion of applying harsh-feline eyes instead of soft make-up to counteract the cheesiness of the hairstyle (I still think that this length could still look a bit early teenage). 

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Goth hairstyles for curly hair | Pinterest

Wearing layers is option B. They may actually revitalize your hair if done correctly. The difficulty with wearing one length of hair (short or long) is that the curls die at the roots (since they can’t handle the weight), making you appear silly. The key is to start at the bottom of the jar and work your way up, otherwise you’ll wind up looking like a mushroom with hair all over your face. This way, it’ll be easier to keep under control because you can tie it all in a ponytail or pin it behind your ears.

“OK, good haircuts,” you might be thinking, “but I want to look more groomed and sophisticated. What more do I have?”

Option A, of course, is to have your curls professionally reshaped using rollers. This requires curling your hair once more. (Or do you believe that those gorgeous curls you see on TV are natural? No! they are professionally done for those commercials as well. They don’t exist because those curls are too flawless.

Obviously, many people opt for softer and larger curls, resulting in a throwback 1940s style or just very large waves, taking advantage of the fact that they can choose a new hairdo. If you still want to preserve your little curls, I recommend a lovely up-do, which, in my opinion, looks much better with curly hair. Eva Green’s is very appealing. She appears to be elegant, well-groomed, and stunning!


Can curly hair be styled into goth hairstyles?

Yes, absolutely! Curly hair can be styled in various goth hairstyles, such as braids, buns, and twists.

What are some goth hairstyles suitable for curly hair?

Some goth hairstyles suitable for curly hair include the Gothic updo, the half-up half-down style, braids, twisted buns, and fishtail braids.

How can I keep my curly hair in place while styling it in goth hairstyles?

Using hair gel or mousse can help keep your curly hair in place while styling it in goth hairstyles. You can also use bobby pins or hair elastics to secure your hair.

Can I dye my curly hair in goth colors?

Yes, you can dye your curly hair in goth colors such as black, dark red, purple, and blue. Make sure to use hair dyes that are suitable for curly hair and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

How can I maintain my goth curly hairstyle?

To maintain your goth curly hairstyle, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner suitable for curly hair. Avoid washing your hair too often as it can strip the natural oils from your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to avoid damaging your curly hair.

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