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Funny dad helps his daughter to dress up every day to inspire children’s imagination

by Peter Barnes

Funny dad Sholom Ber Solomon from California, USA, helps his daughter Zoe to dress up as different characters in every day. Up to now more than 330,000 fans are following him on social media also. It seems that playing a role with children helps to develop and encourage their imagination

Funny Dad as a chef, stewardess, mermaid

funny dad
children’s imagination

This funny dad exhibited his humorous qualities from the time his daughter was born and became popular on the internet for uploading photos of his daughter. Father and daughter can’t be bothered by being chefs, pirates, mermaids, and then incarnations of flight attendants, etc..

funny dad
funny dad

When every child in the family expects their busy dad to be able to play with him every day, So often gets “angry” at his dad for getting dressed. But seeing the strange and funny looks of father and daughter, you know that their relationship is very good.

Happy family welcomes new member

His family took on a new life, and Zoe’s sister, Olivia, was born. Sholom also took “pregnancy photos” with his wife Carli and those snaps also filled with lots of fun!

Role-playing is awesome experience

Role playing is believed to be a sport that every child loves to play. Not only can children use the role to observe and experience real life, but also through conspiracy to allow empathy to expand their horizons and develop their empathy.

A serious role like Sholom, how can it be an important part of clothing? Playing with children, mom and dad can build a close relationship and have endless possibilities when choosing clothes or making by hand, thereby encouraging children’s creativity and imagination!

Next time you can visit Sholom’s Social Platform to see what role you can play with your children!

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