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Beautiful Cosplay Hedgehog become Instagram Star

by Peter Barnes
Enjoy flowers and sunbath in Sarujiang Enshi Park

I met this hedgehog named Azuki on Instagram. Being overweight is really cute! It’s nice to see like a little angel.

Holiday posing of cute Monaco

Enjoy flowers and sunbath in Sarujiang Enshi Park

Lion King on the grass

The owner of Monaka and Uiro is actually a professional photographer from Tokyo – Japan. Before Uiro join with them, owner have occasionally taken Monaka out and took beautiful photos. You can see those photos in Instagram, they are Very professional in framing, layout and color matching.

Beautiful Dress up and shootings

Wearing an Apple headgear, lined up with an Apple.
Azuki and Monaka are incarnations as dolls

Hedgehogs the owner is also a cosplayer, in addition to his photography works. He also likes to play and dress up for his pets. He also dresses up hedgehogs as little lion, magicians, little apples, Japanese daughters, and Festival dolls, etc.

little gentleman ready to travel
Monaka turned into a magician

By using many exquisite props, and using the skills of daily photography display, he settled the atmosphere of the picture under the lens is very outstanding manner, and it is really professional!

Styling as British grandmother

The owner built a loving home for Hedgehogs

The hedgehog’s home is built by the owner himself. Their image is not always so overstated! There are also very ordinary and simple daily proceedings. Furthermore, I have to say that the owner is too artistic.

Monaka’s new friend
Monaka’s hut was made by the owner

If you like, you can click on the category item on the Instagram page. There are too many people asking, so I created a link specifically to share it with everyone. In addition to the photos, the host recently helped them set up a YouTube channel, allowing fans to see their food habits and daily life. Follow them as soon as you wish to see them.

Photo & Information credit goes to respective owner

Shutterbulky | Facebook Page

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