Travel in Greece - 14 Unique and awesome things to do in Greece - 2022

Travel in Greece – 14 Unique and awesome things to do in Greece – 2022

by Peter Barnes

Travel in Greece – One of the biggest travel surprises of 2021 has to be how much I adore Greece! One of the nicest trips I’ve made in recent years was the 21 days I spent there.

And it was fantastic because this was my first real trip since ending my full-time travels and settling in Portugal. I was apprehensive about it. I’d arrived in Portugal exhausted, ill, stressed and anxious, and tired of traveling. So, Greece was a reintroduction to the world of travel for me to see how I felt about it.

Greece taught me that I could never be entirely rested from travel.

Finding a base in Greece taught me that it was the best option I could have ever made. That I can still travel as much as I used to, but that having a place to come to in between travels helps me operate so much better.

Greece was the country that rekindled my passion for traveling and discovering new places.

Even though I took a slightly different route through the nation, visiting Corfu and sailing around the Ionian instead of visiting Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos, I fell madly in love with the place. So still love to travel in Greece.

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So let me tell you some important questions which came to my mind before I reached to travel in Greece.

Why is Greece the best place to travel?

Greece is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is also one of Europe’s most popular vacation locations due to the ideal beauty of Cycladic architecture, magnificent sunset spots, and warm summer weather. So travel in Greece make you living in heaven.

Why was traveling in Greece hard?

It was difficult to travel by land in ancient Greece. Roads were simply dirt trails, dry and dusty in the summer and muddy in the winter. Because roads were so expensive, they were only built on the most heavily trafficked routes.

What was travel like in ancient Greece?

Even though Greece had an extensive road network connecting even the most remote towns, the most convenient and comfortable mode of transportation remained by water, especially since the vast majority of the country’s major cities were located on or near the shore.

Does Greece have beaches?

From the magnificent pink-sand coastlines of Elafonissi to the green bays of Corfu Island, Greece has a plethora of beautiful beaches. Greece’s beaches are well-designed for fun and relaxation. Restaurants and sunbed rentals are available at the majority of the resorts. Water activities are available at several beaches.

What should I avoid in Athens?

When planning your trip to Athens, keep in mind that Omonia, Exarcheia, Vathi, and Kolokotroni Squares have high crime rates and should be avoided at night, if not entirely.

The following are some of the highlights from my travel in Greece.

Waterfall, Lake & Sea on the Peloponnese

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Explore Greece’s wonderful natural landscapes in a unique way, even for natives, by going off the usual road! A local guide will lead you into the rugged and rocky region near Corinth, where you will have the opportunity to wander through exquisite landscapes and swim in three different types of water: a waterfall, an alpine lake, and the salty sea.

Begin with a swim at Mt. Helmos, a spectacular waterfall in the northern Peloponnese. After some simple river travel upstream, you’ll arrive at the Styx springs, which are famed for the Achilles Heel legend. Continue driving to Lake Tsivlou, a hidden beauty. This turquoise-hued mountain lake is ideal for a soak and a lunch break. You’ll savor a traditional lunch prepared with vegetables sourced from a nearby garden.

After that, travel to the beautiful Pefkias Pine Forest on the coast. Take a swim in the Gulf of Corinth or relax on the beach. After that, treat yourself to a refreshing post-swim smoothie. End the day with a drink on the rooftop of your comfortable lodging, a boutique hotel only steps from the beach. One of the best breakfasts in the area is served at the motel!

Santorini Tour & Wine Tasting

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On this driving tour of Santorini, see both well-known and lesser-known sites and vistas. The day will come to a close with a wine tasting with spectacular views of the Caldera. Learn about Santorini’s interesting history, especially its historic winemaking past, along the journey. So travel in Greece was so adorable.

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel or a central Fira location. You’ll begin your driving tour of the island after spending some time in Fira. Make a pit break in Oia, Santorini’s famous picture-perfect hamlet, first. As you travel down curving alleyways and take in the surroundings, admire the whitewashed façade and pastel-hued houses.

Following that, you’ll get the chance to see some of Santorini’s best off-the-beaten-path sights, such as Prophet Elias Monastery, which sits atop the island’s highest point and provides breathtaking panoramic views. Other places to visit include Pyrgos’ historic village and castle, as well as the picturesque hamlet of Megalochori.

You’ll finish your tour with a wine tasting at the Estate Argyros Winery. Learn about the winery, the island’s ancient vineyards, and the centuries-old winemaking technique that can only be found in Santorini as you taste. Then unwind with a glass of wine while looking out over the Aegean Sea.

Acropolis & Ancient Greek Mythology Tour

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A fascinating mythological tour through the center of Athens will reveal the city’s endless history. Your guide will tell you about fascinating stories from Greek mythology, as well as the real-life events and individuals that inspired them.

You’ll go off into the land of Ancient Greece after meeting your guide and learning a little about what the tour comprises. You’ll begin with the Temple of Olympian Zeus, then go to the Dionysus Theater and the world-famous Acropolis. Some of the city’s most iconic landmarks can be found here, including the Temple of Athena Nike, the Temple of Erechtheion, the Propylaia, and the magnificent Parthenon. Travel in Greece send me back to Ancient era.

Your guide will help bring ancient myths to life as you visit these historical sites. You’ll learn about Zeus, Athena (Goddess of Wisdom and Protectress of Athens), Poseidon (God of the Sea), and other Greek gods and heroes, both famous and obscure. Discover the truths behind these legends and why they were invented by the Ancient Greeks.

As the journey progresses, you’ll see the Ancient Agora, the birthplace of democracy and the site of great philosophers such as Socrates. Explore the Hephaisteion, a brilliantly preserved Greek temple, and learn more fantastic stories about other well-known characters like Theseus and the Minotaur, Hera (Zeus’ jealous wife), and Aphrodite (Goddess of Love and Beauty).

As you near the end of the tour, your guide will offer a few more interesting facts about Athens’ fascinating history. Finally, you’ll discover how the city rose to become one of the world’s most important cities and left an indelible mark.

Bike Tour to Discover Naxos

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Take a road cycling tour through Naxos’ gorgeous countryside with a trained guide. You’ll cycle along a popular route along the island’s western side in the morning. Then you’ll go to Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Orkos, and Mikri Vigla, among other notable beaches.

Pass through the traditional villages of Vivlos, Agios Arsenios, and Glinado on your way back. In the town of Mesi Potamia, you’ll also go off the beaten road to a traditional pub for lunch. Enjoy the tranquility and authenticity of this setting in the trees beside the river. Do not forget to get this experience while travel in Greece

You can extend your trip by an additional 13 kilometers by cycling inland rather than along the beaches. The traditional villages, as well as the Temple of Demeter and the Byzantine Church of Agios Mamas, will be visited.

Samaria Gorge Hike on Crete

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Travel in Greece become awesome experience with hiking. Hike through Samaria Gorge, Europe’s longest (and Crete’s most popular) river gorge. You’ll get fantastic views of the rushing river, rocky mountain peaks, and Crete’s gorgeous countryside from this natural wonder, which is one of the island’s natural wonders. Your guide will provide information about the gorge and its historical significance along the journey.

You’ll begin in Omalos, where you’ll meet your hiking guide and learn more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site over coffee or breakfast. Then, at almost 4,000 feet, begin your trek to the Omalos Plateau (1,250 meters). You’ll arrive in the settlement of Agia Roumeli after following the riverbed. Because the guide will stay in the back, you are free to stroll ahead at your own leisure.

You can enjoy the steep vistas of the surrounding mountains and hills in the distance because you start at a high elevation. You’ll see a variety of magnificent panoramas, landscapes, and surroundings as you trek down the comfortable and well-maintained path. At the Iron Gates, you’ll be standing at barely 13 feet between the 1,600-foot (500-m) walls (4 m). You’ll cross the river on bridges and walk along a boardwalk along the gorge’s bottom.

At Agia Roumeli, you’ll eventually reach the Libyan Sea’s shores. Take a swim or have lunch during your leisure time. To get back to Chania, take the ferry to Sougia or Sfakia, where your return transfer will be waiting for you.

Greek Odyssey Tour – Corfu Island

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Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea off the northwest coast of the country. It was also the island of the Phaeacians, according to Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, where Odysseus was stranded during a storm while attempting to flee the nymph Calypso. Over the course of six intriguing hours, this guided tour covers the story aspects of that epic poem.

Stops to the blue-green seas of Paleokastritsa Bay, one likely spot where Odysseus washed up on the shore and discovered by Princess Nausicaa, are among the highlights. The long, crescent-shaped Ermones Beach, ideal for sunbathing, is another suitable location for your first meeting. A visit to the Kanoni peninsula section of the main town, which has views of the islet of Pontikonisi and is rich in Greek mythology, is also included in the itinerary. So this was one of the reason for me to travel in Greece.

Explore the Villages of Apokoronas

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Yes. Travel in Greece can entertain your senses. So, the Apokoronas region is located on the island of Crete’s northeastern shore, at the foothills of the White Mountains. On a tour of the region’s villages, you’ll learn about its intriguing history. This tour visits seven villages in the area, stopping at historic monuments such as an Ottoman fort, medieval cathedrals, and a folklore museum. During these stops, there is also opportunity to talk with locals.

Other highlights include viewing the hilltop ruins of ancient Aptera, which was once one of Crete’s largest city-states until it was destroyed by an earthquake in the seventh century. Then there’s Stilos, which has churches dating back to the 13th and 15th centuries, as well as a limestone fossil thought to be the bones of a mythological sea siren. Finally, Gavalochori Village, home to an all-woman co-op that manufactures hand-knit lace using traditions passed down from the Byzantine era, offers a visit to an artisan glassblowing business and a stroll through the medieval town center.

Ancient Sparta & the Byzantine Castle of Mystras on the Peloponnese

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Explore Ancient Sparta and Mystras, an enormous fortification that served as the Byzantine state’s capital. The castle, which was built in 1249 CE and sprawls across a rocky mountainside, is Greece’s most important Byzantine landmark. You’ll love strolling through these significant archeological sites and taking in the scenery.

Mystras is a beautiful and evocative place, divided into three unique zones that symbolize different historical periods. You’ll visit the Despot’s Palaces in the Upper City (Ano Chora), the Metropolis in the Lower City (Kato Chora), and the Outer City (Kato Chora) (Exo Chora). A tour guide will provide vital historical facts as well as descriptions of daily life in the city.

Then go to Ancient Sparta, an archaeological site containing ruins from different periods of history. In the midst of an olive grove, the mood is also fairly peaceful, which contrasts with Sparta’s legendary military background. Legendary military training and ordinary self-control took place on the grounds. The Spartans had a simple credo when it came to war: “win or die.”

You can extend your travel in Greece routine by visiting the Museum of the Olive and Olive Oil in modern-day Sparta, the city of Sparti. From prehistoric times to the present, you’ll learn about the history, culture, and technology of olive oil manufacturing.

Travel in Greece combined with Mycenae and Nafplio

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The ancient Greek archeological site of Mycenae, located on the Peloponnese Peninsula, is well-known for its part in Homer’s Iliad. It was the birthplace of Helen, whose husband, King Agamemnon, led his people to war when she fled to Troy’s Paris. From the 15th to the 12th century BCE, the ancient Mycenaean civilisation ruled the western Mediterranean. That is why people saying travel in Greece is amazing experience for their life.

This guided tour includes visits to both it and Nafplio, a Peloponnesian historic coastal town. But first, there’s Mycenae, around 55 miles (90 kilometers) east of Athens. The stone Lion Gate marks the entrance to the city’s ruins, which include the tombs of Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra, as well as the Treasury of Atreus. The long Cyclopean walls, whose building process is unknown, are also located here.

After that, it’s on to Nafplio. It’s one of the most beautiful maritime cities in the Peloponnese, just half an hour south of Mycenae, and was previously thought to have been established by Poseidon’s son. After the Greek independence war in the 1800s, Nafplio became the new state’s first capital. A guided trip includes a stroll around the old town, which contains Ottoman fountains, Venetian structures, and historical figure monuments. The journey concludes with a visit to the Bourtzi Castle, which is located in the heart of the port.

Day Trip to Kimolos Island

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Discover the island of Kimolos, Milos’ northwesterly neighbor. You’ll begin your day with a morning boat and then spend the remainder of the day visiting this picturesque getaway. Chorio, Kimolos’ major town center and one of the Cyclades’ most stunning traditional towns, is your first destination. Take a stroll down its cobblestone streets, which are adorned with traditional white-stone houses.

Following that, visit the island’s castle as well as the Folklore Museum and the Archeological Museum. Then visit the post-Byzantine churches after learning about Kimolos’ fascinating history, culture, and mythology. Visit the 17th-century Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos Church or the Panagia Odigitria Church.

At Prassa Beach, you can finish your visit by taking advantage of the island’s magnificent sea. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the water or a stroll along the white-sand beach. Finally, before returning to Milos, you’ll spend some time in Psathi Village.

Photography Tour in Athens

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Greece is one of the most photogenic countries in the world, with its ancient ruins, beautiful Aegean islands, tall mountain peaks, and valleys adorned with olive fields. Even Athens, Greece’s metropolitan metropolis, is a treasure trove of old archeological sites and monuments waiting to be photographed. Visitors on this Athens photography tour will do just that as they stroll from site to site, capturing images along the way.

Your guide (who is also a skilled photographer) will take you to some of the city’s most noteworthy sights, including the Parthenon, the ancient Agora, and Kerameikos, the site of an ancient cemetery, all in the downtown area. Your guide will not only show you the ideal spots to capture these archeological masterpieces, but they will also give you ideas on how to enhance your photography abilities and acquire the greatest photos.

Day Trip to Antiparos Island from Paros

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Discover the allure and beauty of Antiparos, Paros’ neighboring island. A short ferry ride will transport you to this unique Cycladic island, where you can stroll practically anywhere in minutes. Away from the crowds of Paros, enjoy swimming, wandering, eating, and drinking.

Begin by meandering around the main town’s streets, which feature traditional Cycladic architecture. You can get to know the locals while perusing shops and cafés outside of the hectic summer months (July and August). As time goes on, they might even start calling you by your first name! Next, head to the Venetian Castle, which is located in the middle of the ancient town. In the 15th century, this castle was built to safeguard the town from pirates.

Cool off with a swim in the sea and relax on the beach after exploring the picturesque shops and passageways. There are numerous beaches in the vicinity of the major town, including one adjacent to the local camping area. This is a terrific alternative for individuals who like to relax on the beach. Sifneiko is another fantastic location, particularly for swimming in its crystal-clear waters.

Balos & Gramvoussa Day Cruise on Crete

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Discover Balos, Crete’s famous beach, and Gramvoussa’s red rocky terrain. The two beaches are among the country’s most popular, with crystal-clear, shallow water ideal for swimming.

You’ll begin your day at the port of Kissamos, where you’ll take a boat to Gramvoussa, a small island off the coast of Greece. Take some time to yourself to explore Gramvoussa. Relaxing at the beach or ascending the rocky red trail to the island’s castle are two options. The Venetians carefully placed the Gramvoussa Fortress on top of cliffs, providing panoramic views of the Cretan Sea to modern visitors.

Following your stay on Gramvoussa, you’ll embark on a shorter sail to the stunning Balos lagoon. Swimming and soaking in the shallow turquoise seas with the white sand beneath your feet is a must-do. These natural features join together to create a lovely setting, with tall rocks around the lagoon.

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