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Women gives birth to 14 lbs giant baby

by Peter Barnes

Giant Baby – The birth of a baby is the greatest happiness a family can have. But the happiness of this little family is even greater. Because their new born baby is a healthy cutie with an abnormal weight. According to the baby’s doctor, this is the weighed baby his patient has ever given birth to. So the size of the clothes this mother bought before she gave birth to this giant baby is not matching now. Baby needs clothes which matching to six to nine months old babies.

A newborn boy named Finnley was born at an average weight of 14 lbs and 1oz. It is about 7 pounds more than the weight of a newborn baby. With the doctors’ predictions, parents Cary and Tim knew that would have a baby weigh about 13.8 kilograms. Mom Cary says: “I really had a big belly with a baby. I really thought I had to endure something like this somehow. Because this has been a great blessing to me. I like to pierce that thing over and over again”.

Her surgery had been scheduled in a C section, but her surgery was suddenly moved forward. Because, her waters broke at a doctor’s appointment, during the scaling process. “As soon they pulled my giant baby bunny out, they have said, oh my gosh, he is giant baby. Everybody was freaking out, I also have never seen a baby like him, I can’t believe it’. He is perfect and round in every way. He’s definitely my little honey bear.” She said.

He is quite tall too at 23.75 inches. Due to his size, My family had to run out and buy larger diapers and clothes to dress him. “Finnley became a little celebrity at the hospital. Nurses and Doctors always talked about him. Finnley spent eight days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after his birth. At the NICU, he was with one of four babies, and his weight was their three total altogether, so we were laughing at that.” Cary said.

“I wanted to put him on the clothes I had saved from the other two brothers. But all were small to him” she said.  Initially, Finnley’s parents brought baby clothes between the ages of 0 – 3 months. But, Finnley is currently wearing baby clothes for ages of 6 to 9 months.

Finnley’s older brothers, Devlen, 10, and Everett, 2, were also born in C-section, but they were delivered on schedule at 8.2 pounds and 11.1 pounds, but Finnley took the lead.

They are now enjoying their time as a new family of five.  “Finnley is such a good sweet giant baby bunny. I am so grateful, because everything ended with a great positive side. While Finnley’s birth is certainly an extraordinary one, I wants people to hear my story and remember that challenging times up to last forever”.

“I think it’s important for other people to know there is hope behind all. they are not alone as they are going through their dificult times. Every woman has a different path than the next, some are easier and some are harder. What matters is, with love, care and respect we need to support each other” finally Cary said us.

With this giant baby story, we know that following questions can be raised on your mind.

Is it safe to deliver at 37 weeks?

Between 37 and 42 completed weeks of pregnancy, Full-term babies are born. Babies born prior to 37 weeks gestation will be considered as premature. It is common that, more than half a million babies are born before they have reached 37 weeks of maturity.

Are babies born at 37 weeks fully developed?

Over time, 37 weeks was considered full term for babies in the womb meant that they were developed enough to deliver safely. But after many impulse complications, doctors began to understand something. It seems that the best time for babies to come out is not 37 weeks. Its depending on health and medical conditions of mother and baby. You can google “baby born at 37 weeks picture” and see them.

What is the average weight of a baby born at 37 weeks?

At 37 weeks, your pregnancy is considered as full term. At present, the average baby weighs around 3-4 kg. Your baby is ready to be born in the next few weeks.

What happens if you give birth at 37 weeks?

Babies delivered at 37 weeks are four times more likely to end up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Some time they have serious respiratory troubles than babies born at 39 weeks or later.  Babies who arrive at 38 weeks are twice as likely to have those complications. No need to worry about these complications. Because these are common norms to most of moms and babies. Doctors will take care of you.

Which week is best for delivery?

You need to be a healthy pregnant mother. If your pregnancy is healthy, it’s best to stay at least 39 weeks as pregnant and wait for labor to begin on its own. When you schedule your baby’s birth, you schedule either labor induction or a c-section.

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