rare photos in the world

A collection of 20 extremely rare photographs

by Peter Barnes

In here, we present to you a collection of 20 surprising and rare photographs that you would not normally see on the Internet without searching.

A pipeline weighing about 45 tons is being transported for installation at the Hoover Dam in the United States

A photograph taken at the top of a pyramid in Giza

A rare photographs of marathon at the 1896 Olympics

1903 The Wright brothers’ first Flight

The capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq on December 1, 2003

A moment that Hitler declared war on United States of America

William Harley and Arthur Davidson with their first motorcycle in 1914

Construction of railway road at history

A photograph taken at the top of a pyramid in Giza

1912 Charging an Electric Car

Iranian Girls in 1970s

The Great Wall of China before the Reconstruction

A photograph of a samurai warrior taken in 1860

Inside a Passenger plane owned by a British airline in 1966

This is how NASA scientist worked before introduction of Computers

Young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

The world’s first underwater photograph taken in 1899. Two cameramen have participated in this

The Wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth II, one of famous rare photographs

Photo credit goes to the all original authors

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