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Fact checkers revealed that Photos of two friends taken 75 years apart is false

by Peter Barnes

Photos taken by two buddies 75 years apart from one another? The women depicted in each of the photographs are not the same. It has been widely shared on social media and the caption for the image claims that the photos show two women who have been friends for the past 75 years.

It has been suggested that the young woman and the elderly woman in the photographs represent the same individual. Let’s see if the assertion stated in the post is supported by the facts.

CLAIM: The photos of two friends taken 75 years apart.

FACT: The woman depicted in the two photographs is not the same person. In the first picture, the women featured are Mityoshina (‘Митюшкина’) and Zalko (‘Залка’). In the second picture, the women featured are Gita and Sheina-Leia. As a result, the conclusion that was stated in the post is FALSE.

The post includes a total of two photographs. Factly.com have checked the people featured in each photo by taking these photos separately.

Photo 1:

Photo – waralbum

After scanning the picture via Google’s Reverse Image Search, the website Getty Images and WarAlbum.ru was discovered to host a black-and-white version of the same picture. It is possible to read the following in the photo’s accompanying description: “World War 2, senior sergeants V. Mityoshina and N. Zalko, former students of the Moscow State Theatrical Institute, have been at the front from the very first days of the war; they have been awarded the medal ‘for military services’ for bravery and courage.”

Photo – gettyimages

You may find the exact same photo on a number of different websites, each of which has a description that is comparable to the one provided here, here, and here. Therefore, the names of the ladies depicted in the photograph are Mityoshina (‘Митюшкина’) and Zalko (‘Залка’).

Photo 2:

Photo – Fixfest.ru

This photograph was discovered to have been taken by a photographer by the name of ‘Boris Ravich.’ After conducting a search using the appropriate keywords, we discovered that the exact same photograph had been uploaded to a website in Russia. It is possible to learn from the website that Gita and Sheina-Leia are the two ladies depicted in the photo.

Boris Ravich, the photographer, uploaded the shot on Odnoklassniki in 2015 and stored it. Odnoklassniki is a social networking service that is primarily utilized in Russia and the former Soviet Union. In the description that he provided, he referred to the grandmothers as “participants in the war.” Israel. Geeta, who is 95, and Sheina-Leia, who is 97. Geeta is a pilot. Shane-Leia is a nurse.

Photo- ok.ru

To summarize, the woman seen in the two photographs is not the same person. Therefore, the post does not contain photographs that were taken 75 years apart of two buddies.

Source: Factly | All the information & photo credit goes to respective authorities. DM for removal please.

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