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Interesting cat facts

18 Interesting Cat Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

by Peter Barnes

Interesting Cat Facts: Cats are one of the most sought after animals in the world. Especially among the women. Some love them and some hate them. It is a fact that everyone knows. Cats know how great they are and often do strange things to get their owner’s attention.

Cats have many unique characteristics, people talking about fun cat facts. Whether you like cats or not, did you aware about these interesting cat facts? Cats’ weird work makes us laugh, but some things they do have interesting facts behind that, we don’t really think actually. Have a look on these interesting cat facts.

Interesting cat facts
Photo – Reddit

#1 If your cat or kitten blinks slowly at you, it means he expressing his love to you.

#2 When Kittens getting older around one week, they begin to dream

#3 Cats are not the only animal that purrs for express happiness. Guinea pigs, Lemurs, Hyenas, Gorillas and even Elephants also purrs

#4 Cats having running capability 3 mph faster than Usain Bolt

Interesting cat facts
Photo – Daily Paws

#5 Do you know that cats’ tongue don’t have sugar detectors and they can’t taste sweet things. They do not possess the genetics to be able to taste sweets.

#6 Tiny clumps of fur in their ears are called ‘ear furnishings’ and it help to filter out sounds and debris, and insulate the ear.

#7 Cats see shades of blue and green but reds and pinks may be confusing to them. Cat’s vision is similar to that of a human who is colour blind. So, they are not colour blind to the point that they only see grey.

#8 Cat sleeps averagely 16–18 hours a day, if they live 9 years, they will awake for three years.

Photo – Purina

#9 The smallest cat on record was a blue point Himalayan-Persian named Tinker Toy, and he was only 7 cm tall and weighed just 700 grams

#10 A cat can jump by 7 times from its own height

#11 Female cats are known as ‘Mollies’ or ‘Queens’ and male cats are called ‘Toms’

#12 A group of kittens is called a kindle and a group of cats is called a clowder

Interesting cat facts
Photo – Time Magazine

#13 Cats have over 100 different vocal sounds. Mature cats don’t meow at other cats. They purr, spit and hiss at other cats, but they save their meowing for humans. Not only that, they have even gone as far as to have developed specific vocal tones for their owner can understand

#14 Calico cats can be identified almost always as female

#15 Cats greet each other by touching noses

#16 Cats can only sweat through their paw pads

#17 Cats’ nose ridge is unique and similar to human fingerprint

#18 Cats’ ears will be controlled by over 20 muscles

Photo – Bored Panda
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