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How to apply for UK Visa. Most important things to know (Part 2)

by Peter Barnes

People can apply for UK Visa in two ways as Child or Adult (General). General visitors can come with their own sponsorship or by someone else. With the 2020 Visa Amendment, any student who are come basic or postgraduate for degree in UK will receive a Post Study Visa (PSW) to find a two-year job. The doctoral degree students get it for 3 years.

Visas are available for the following courses

  • Full time below degree level (Must be study 15 hours per week) RQF Levels 3, 4, 5, Advanced Level, Apprenticeship, or first 2 years of undergraduate degree.
  • Full time Bachelor, Masters, PhD, RQF Levels 6,7,8
  • Part time course degree, postgraduate or doctoral
  • Approved postgraduate degrees in medicine or dentistry
  • English Courses (Level B2 or higher)

How to apply for a UK Visa

You can apply before 6 months to start of the course. This has to be done online from the government website and it requires a CAS from a government approved university. If you find that university course, you can apply online with the required qualifications.

If you have the basic qualifications required for that course, the university grant you an Unconditional offer. Once you receive it, you have to pay the minimum amount of course fee or full payment as university instructions. If half of the fee is paid, the balance should be added to the maintenance fund and hold in the account for 28 days.

For example, in the previous article it was stated that for 9 month, main application require £11385.00.  If you have to pay half of the course fee, you have to hold remaining balance in your account.

At present, you need to have money in your account for 28 days to issue a CAS.  Then, if you deposit money after receiving the offer, you will need to submit the account report, certificates and the IELTS certificate required by the university to get CAS. Most of the time CAS will be delivered within 2 weeks.

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When applying for a visa and CAS,

  • Relevant certificates including IELTS,
  • Birth certificates,
  • Accounts reports,
  • Marriage certificate (for husband and wife)

are the basically required documents.

If the accommodation is at the university, they will mention it in the CAS. If you are staying elsewhere, you will have to put that address in the form there.

It doesn’t matter if the money is in a savings account or a fixed deposit. If money is shown in parental accounts, following documents will be required.

  • Legal document expressing consent to use the money
  • Your birth certificate with their names on it
  • Statement of Accounts
  • If it is a fixed deposit, a letter confirming the bank account

If wife showing husband’s account records, it must be a joint account and 28 days cannot be less than one day, not a single pound less than the required amount. It doesn’t matter if it is increased. Also be careful to keep that amount until you get the visa. Because that money shows up to spend in UK.

In the government website you can find a list of financial institutions that can show money for each country. There must have required amount of money. Otherwise your visa will be rejected.

While you applying for a visa online, the website says to go step by step and upload the documents. Then they tell you what to upload. Relevant documents should be submitted at that time. The visa fee is £ 348 and the Health Surcharge is £ 470 per year for a student.

If the student between the ages of 4-17, he is known as a child student.

Apply for a visa for such a person following documents required:

  • Must have an offer from Independent School. (like CAS).
  • He/She have to have money to live in UK. Most of the time this is shown in the parents’ account. Then the document expressing their will,
  • The document expressing the parents’ desire for the child to learn on their own,
  • If someone sponsors their financial statements,
  • Accommodation documents

There is an interview after applying for a visa. They will be inquire about money and whether your given qualifications are true.

A student above the degree level can work 20 hours a week and a dependent can work full time. By doing so, students often receive the minimum wage. It costs 8.91 per hour for aged over 23. Ages 21-22 earn £ 8.36 and 18-20 earn £ 6.56.

This is the way you can apply for UK Visa by spending money. You can apply for UK Visa from the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme also. Those details will tell you with next article. Stay tuned with Shutterbulky.

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