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Beautiful castles in Europe

Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles in Europe

by Peter Barnes

What about the beautiful castles in Europe that are most attractive to tourists? One of the reasons for this is that these castles are beautifully constructed as you have seen in fairy tales combined with the world’s finest architecture and unique technology. Due to the existence of world famous monarchies in Europe, magnificent castles cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Everywhere from the Scottish Highlands and the Bavarian Alps to the Mediterranean coast, medieval stone walls, towers, and bridges over gleaming moats can be seen.

When you look at this list of 10 of the most beautiful castles in Europe, you will no doubt feel like a real royal and you can plan for best European castle tours for your next vacation.

#1 Hohenzollern  Castle – Germany

Hohenzollern Castle was build mid 1800s on the site of the original medieval castle, which was the ancestral seat of the house Hohenzollern, at the time Kings of Prussia. It is located at top of Mount Hohenzollern of central Baden Wurttemberg, Germany. It’s basically a fairy tale castle, purely representative. It is famous as one of the  most beautiful hilltop castles in the Europe.

#2 Dunrobin Castle – Scotland

Dunrobin Castle is a stately home in Sutherland, in the Highland area of Scotland, from 1.6 km north of Golspie, and approximately 8.0 km south of Brora. It was the family seat of the Earl of Sutherland and the Clan Sutherland. There are 189 rooms within the castle, making it the largest in the northern Highlands. Considerable amount of Barry’s interior was ruined by the fire of 1915. As per the wood carvings and old home decors on 17 – 18 centuries, it was renovated by Sir Robert Lorimer.

#3 Olavinlinna Castle – Finland

Olavinlinna castle located in Savonlinna – Finland, one of beautiful castle in Europe. It is three-tower castle which built in 14 centuries on an island in the Kyronsalmi strait. It is the northernmost primitive stone fortress where still standing. As per the history, Olavinlinna was founded in 1475 by a Danish knight called Erik Axelsson Tott. The Swedes started building the Olavinlinna Castle on their restless eastern border and castle was a stronghold of 150 men at arms. Visit for more info: Olavinlinna Castle

#4 Castle Leod – Scotland

Castle Leod Situated near to the delightful Victorian spa village of Strathpeffer in Easter Ross, Scotland. It was the seat of the Clan Mackenzie. Castle Leod popular as one of the most beautiful and romantic castles in the Highlands. According to the historical resources, Castle Leod have been built on the site of a very ancient Pictish fort from before the 12th century. Visit for more info: Castle Leod

#5 Tregastel Castle (Chateau de Costaeres) – France

The Tregastel Castle (Chateau de Costaeres) is located on the island of Costaeres – France and was built in 1896. The manor was started to built on 1892 and its interior was designed with reclaimed wood taken from sailed ship. During WWII, this castle over run by the Germans. At present this is private property and visits are not allowed. But still your can see the castle from the beachside.

#6 Montalto Dora Castle – Italy

The castle Montalto Dora located in Italy was built in mid of 12th century. According to the history resources, it has rebuilt during the 18 – 20 centuries. The bishopric of Ivrea was the owner of this castle. During the war against the Duchy of Savoy, the castle suffered multiple attacks and some of interior was dismantled.

#7 Burg Hirschhorn Castle – Germany

Burg Hirschhorn Castle is located in the top of Hirschhorn city, the “pearl of the Neckar Valley”. According to the Romanesque architectures, castle was built in year 1250. Due to natural causes, castle was spared from major destructions. A hotel and a restaurant have been located in the Palace since 1959. Visit for more info : Burg Hirschhorn

#8 Château de Pierrefonds – France

The Château de Pierrefonds castle located in the commune of Pierrefonds in France. According to the historical resources it was built by Louis I, Duke of Orléans on year 1407 with the Gothic architecture style. Presently it is functioning as a monument. Visit for more info : Château de Pierrefonds

#9 Edinburgh Castle – UK

Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest parts of Edinburgh old town as well as Europe. According to the records It was built by Malcolm III circa in year 1070. See more info :  Edinburgh Castle

#10 Butrón Castle – Spain

Butrón Castle located in the province of Biscay, in northern Spain. Its originally began from the 8th century. Francisco de Cubas (Spanish architect and politician) completely renovated it in year 1878. Its name associated with the family and the river. See more info : Butrón Castle

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