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A 1970 Plymouth Superbird that had been abandoned for 30 years receives a new lease on life.

by Peter Barnes

Even in these times, there are still classic muscle enthusiasts that would choose a “standard” Mopar to a soaring savior like the 1970 Plymouth Superbird or the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. However, their number appears to be declining year after year, and given the restricted availability of these aero cars, it looks that each and every one of them is now receiving the attention they have rightfully earned since the beginning.

1970 Plymouth Superbird
1970 Plymouth Superbird / Source: carvibz

A late 1960s B-Body Mopar like the Dodge Charger or the Plymouth Road Runner certainly has an iconic form that’s hard to match. The deep front grille was a major drag factor, while the rear window’s design produced observable lift, Dodge rapidly discovered when it tried to field the former in NASCAR.

The 1968 Charger 500 was created as a result of the engineers’ initial decision to adapt the aforementioned components of the huge coupe. However, the performance was still insufficient to win those awards. Because of this, the automaker fully committed to creating the 1969 Charger Daytona.

The Plymouth Superbird, which was based on the Road Runner, received the NASCAR torch from Dodge in 1970. In terms of road car production, 1,935 Superbirds were added to the 503 Daytonas.

Unfortunately, the higher sales figures didn’t mean much because many customers weren’t pleased by the extreme design created by the nose cone, enormous rear wing, and front wheel air extractors (which are inoperative on road cars).Because of this, you may hear tales of traders changing these stones back to their original shapes in order to move them off their inventories.

The challenging circumstances of this Vitamin C Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird
1970 Plymouth Superbird / Source: carvibz

Thankfully, the Superbird we are looking at—dressed in the fabled Vitamin C shade Dodge calls Go Mango—was sold in its aerodynamic form. Its present owner, who is 76 years old, purchased the car from a secondhand car lot in 1971, despite the fact that it was damaged. You may also be familiar with the aero car because we talked about it back in May when the owner didn’t have a clear plan for restoring the vehicle.

You can still see the scars left by the street racing that the Plymouth participated in throughout the years. The owner, who had previously been in the Air Force, continued to drive the vehicle every day until 1991 or 1992.Unfortunately, the man had to park the car because of emission rules; it hasn’t been driven since.

1970 Plymouth Superbird
1970 Plymouth Superbird / Source: carvibz

The Plymouth was also taken out of its shed a few weeks ago and transported onto a trailer. As said in the third video below, the goal is to have the car completely repaired within the next 12 months. While we’re at it, have you seen this Vintage Ferrari Barn Finds? You wouldn’t believe the old cars!

A 440 V8 with 375 horsepower and a four-speed manual were the Plymouth’s factory-installed features. This was taken from a 1970 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon after the original unit broke down, even though it still has a 440.

The majority of the original pieces are still present, with the exception of the engine, according to the enthusiast, who has owned the automobile for 50 years. Additionally, the machine has some traction bars on the bottom because it was formerly used as a street sprinter.

The odometer shows just over 73,000 miles, and the underbody seems to be solid if you look at the second video below (8:10 timestamp).

As some of you may have already surmised, the YouTuber wanted to bring this Superbird home. However, since the owner elected to fix the machine, he must continue looking for an unrestored example. Hopefully, this will ensure that another Superbird that has been neglected receives the care it needs.

These days, wingless fighters are expensive automobiles.

1970 Plymouth Superbird
1970 Plymouth Superbird / Source: carvibz

A good-condition A Superbird with the “base” 440 V8 currently sells for an average of $200,000, in case you’re curious about the financial aspect of such an expedition.

While running examples of the recognizable 426 HEMI are available for well over $100,000, you can only anticipate that such vehicles will demand a significant investment. The hooves garage owner and vlogger Tyler Hoover, who recently sold his iconic Superbird HEMI after correcting a ton of problems with the car, is maybe the most renowned example of this.

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