The World's Most Dangerous Book.

The World’s Most Dangerous Book

by Peter Barnes

Can You Guess the Most Dangerous Book?

Marie Curie’s note book is one of the most dangerous books in the world. Why is this notebook so dangerous? Not just her books, but her clothes, everything at home is dangerous. Because Marie worked with radiation or with radioactive material. So she always carried plutonium and thorium in her pocket.

Mari Curie
Marie Curie with her husband | Photo – Wikipedia

Marie’s notes are still kept carefully. If you want to read them, there is a separate room. There are separate clothes and toolkit. Because if you just go to read, you will come out with life risk. Marie dies at 66 due to radiation and her neighbors also died of cancer.

Three Nobel Prizes, Two lives with cancer, Mother and Two daughters (Marie Curie with her eldest daughter Irene, 1925 in above photo) They are a family that has spread its dominance over the Nobel Prize.

Those winners are not as different as they are. Marie and her husband, Pierre, won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, the first time that global honor had been bestowed on Curie. Marie then won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry again in 1911.

Accordingly, Marie became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, and the only woman to win it twice. Since then, she has become the only person to win the Nobel Prize for two different fields of science.

She died at the age of 66, suffering from epilepsy (a blood cancer, aplastic anemia) caused by accidental and occasional exposure to radiation hundreds of thousands of times, both harmful and deadly.

To this day, not only in her notebooks, in her notebooks, in her kitchen utensils, but also in her corpses, that deadly radiation seeps into her, and to this day, only the noblest Parisians sleep in a tomb-thick in the tombs of the Pantheon, where they sleep forever.

Including all that it holds will emit radiation for at least 3400 years over the next fifteen centuries. The coffin made by 4.5 inches thick lid. It is said that the bones will emit radiation for another 2500-3000 years.

“Since Maria and Piotr received bikes as a wedding gift, it has become their favorite form of recreation. They also went on their honeymoon on bicycles

Pierre Curie, Marie’s loving husband and world’s most respected colleague, was died on a rainy day when he was walking across a Parisian street, he was hit by a chariot, crashed into its wheel, and his skull shattered.

Otherwise, he too would have written his destiny to die of the same cancer that he inherited from radiation. He was revered in the Pantheon and treasured near and below Marie. Pierre and Marie have won three Nobel Prizes.

Curina Nobel’s thirst was not quenched. Following in the footsteps of their eldest daughter, Irene Demallan, she and her husband, Frederick Joliet, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1935 for their discoveries about artificial radiation.
She diagnosed with leukemia and died in 1956 at the age of 58. Two years later, Frederick suffered from severe hepatitis and vomited blood until his death.

Marie’s second daughter, Eve, moved away from science to literature. She won a life without a Nobel Prize. At the age of 102, she breathed her last in a weary bed of life in a peaceful home in New York.

However, Eve’s beloved husband, Henry Richardson, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965. Accordingly, five of the first six members of the Curie family are Nobel laureates.

The total number of Nobel Prizes they received was six. From the UN-recognized states, 116 have not won a single Nobel Prize.

*India has won twelve Nobel Prizes. You should know that Pakistan and Bangladesh have also won two. Not only Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya but also Azerbaijan have won one or the other.

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