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The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking

The most valuable artifacts left after the Titanic sinking

by Peter Barnes

The sinking of the Titanic is considered to be one of the worst tragedies in history. Morning hours on April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean, killing 1,500 passengers.The Titanic, which was the largest and most luxurious passenger ship at that time, was in danger on its maiden voyage.

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When the Titanic was in danger, there were many valuable items in it, and many valuable items were found in the Titanic after the exploration of the sunken ship. Thus, some items found after the Titanic were later auctioned for millions of dollars.

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
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This article contains about the 10 valuable items that were in the Titanic ship when it sank

10. The famous musician Wallace Hartley’s violin

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
The famous musician Wallace Hartley’s violin

Even as the Titanic slowly sank, Wallace Hartley and his band continued to play. As the traditional saying goes, “Band Tuned even when the ship sinks”, the band, including Wallace, continued to play even when the Titanic was sinking.

They provided music for people who were running with their heads turned to save their lives. The violin that Wallace played was his most prized possession. According to the reports, the violin was given to Wallace by his girlfriend, Maria Robinson. They provided music until the last moments of the ship sinking.

A passenger who survived the crash said that his last words were, “Gentlemen, I ask your permission to bid farewell.” Wallace packed the violin in a bag so it wouldn’t be damaged. This violin was found with his dead body after 10 days and it was not damaged.

Indeed, Wallace died holding his violin. In 2013, this violin was auctioned for 1.7 million dollars. Even today, this is a very valuable item that represents the untold love stories of the Titanic.

09. William Carter’s Renault CB Coupe car

William Carter's Renault CB Coupe car
William Carter’s Renault CB Coupe car was on Titanic movie

A wealthy first class passenger, William Carter owned a valuable Renault CB Coupe, the only car on board the Titanic. If you have seen the movie Titanic, this car is also shown in the famous scene where Jack and Rose kiss.

This car, which sank along with the ship, is still at the bottom of the sea. It is reported that the family including Carter was not injured in the accident. But later it is stated that Carter had requested an insurance compensation of US$ 5000 for this car.

It is difficult to estimate the exact current value of this car. Reports say that a similar car was sold at an auction in 2003 for US$269,500.

08. 5 Steinway pianos

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
Titanic Steinway piano

5 pianos were played on the Titanic. It is reported that three of them were played for rich first class passengers and the remaining pairs were played for other passengers.

Among the three first-class pianos, there was Steinway’s crown jewel, which was produced by the world’s best piano company, Steinway, for the Titanic. A 1912 Model M piano of this type was recently sold at an auction for US$35,000.

Steinway’s crown jewel is a Model B piano. It is reported that one of these pianos can still be found among the wreckage of the Titanic at the bottom of the sea.

07. Painting by Marie-Joseph

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
Painting “La Circassienne au Bain” by Marie Joseph

The paintings on the Titanic are actually very different from the paintings shown in the movie Titanic. The most valuable painting among them was the painting “La Circassienne au Bain” created in 1814 by the famous painter Mary Joseph Blender.

The painting was brought on board by a Swedish businessman, Moritz Hawken Stefansson. This design is a very expensive and valuable painting. This painting was also destroyed in the Titanic accident.

Businessman Stephenson managed to survive the accident. He demanded a $100,000 compensation from the White Star Line, the shipping company that produced the Titanic, for his lost painting.

That compensation request is said to be the largest compensation requested for a product destroyed in the Titanic disaster.

06. Precious jewels of wealthy travelers

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
Valuable jewels

Titanic was introduced as the best cruise ship of the era by the shipping company that manufactured it. Wealthy people from all over Europe came to Britain with their loved ones to participate in this historic tour, which was complete with all facilities.

The Titanic was first explored by Robert Ballard in 1985 after 73 years at sea. Two years later, explorers found a bag made of animal skin 12,000 feet under the sea. The explorers who opened the bag were surprised. It contained a set of precious jewels studded with diamonds.

They found a number of valuable jewelry including necklaces, rings and a valuable watch. The surprising thing is that all the ornaments are in very good condition. The explorers said that the jewels survived because of the strength of the bag and the preciousness of the product.

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05. The most valuable copy of the Rubaiyat anthology

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
Valuable copy of the Rubaiyat Anthology

The Titanic started its journey from Britain to the port of New York, USA. “Rubaiyat”, a collection of poetry written by the famous Persian poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam, was translated into English for the first time in 1860. It was by the English poet Edward Fitzgerald.

A copy with a cover decorated with more than a thousand precious stones and a Moroccan leather cover was produced in 1911 by the firm “Sangorski & Sutcliffe”. The copy was purchased by an American businessman for nearly $2,000 at the time and exhibited in England before being given to him.

It was loaded on the Titanic ship to receive its real owner, the American businessman. This valuable copy was also hidden in the sea along with the Titanic and it is reported that if it was available today, it would be worth about 120,000 US dollars.

04. Seared Chinese Ceramic Cups

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
Seared Chinese Ceramic Cups

The Titanic had separate sections according to the social class of the passengers. The shipping company had purchased a large number of Chinese pigeon cup sets to supply food and drinks on board. When the items taken from the Titanic were auctioned in 2012, a large number of such items fetched great value.

Many antique collectors bought these as souvenirs. In the end, the auction company had earned a huge amount of income from these Chinese pigeon cup sets alone. It is also mentioned that the total revenue of the auction items exceeded 189 million US dollars.

03. An autographed picture of Italian war hero Giuseppe Garibaldi

The most valuable artefacts left after the Titanic sinking
An autographed picture of war hero Giuseppe Garibaldi

Emilio Potalupi, an Italian passenger, had come to Britain from his native Italy and was sailing to America on the Titanic. He had a photo of himself autographed by Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi, Italy’s revered war hero.

As the ship sank, not only the photograph but also Emmaliot fell into the sea. The 14th rescue boat led by Naval Officer Harold Lowe miraculously found Emalio, unconscious, hanging from an iceberg. Although he thinks he is dead, Love realizes from experience that he is not.

Emalio fell into the sea and was one of the lucky few who survived. It is also reported that Emalio demanded compensation for the valuables he had after his recovery. He requested an insurance compensation of 3000 dollars for this photograph of Mario Garibaldi.

02. Edmund Stone’s pocket watch

Edmund Stone's pocket watch
Edmund Stone’s pocket watch

Edmond Stone was a first class attendant on the Titanic. It is said that Stonda passed away with the ship. He is in charge of the master key of the first class cabin. He has a valuable pocket watch.

The watch was found by the Titanic expedition team. The time on the clock was 2.16 in the morning. Foreign sources have reported that the Titanic completely sank in the sea at 2.20 in the morning. Stone’s pocket watch is the best proof of that.

It is reported that this watch was sold for 130,000 US dollars at the auction of the goods of the Titanic ship held in 2008. This pocket watch was the highest priced item in the auction.

01. Beaver fur coat worn by Mabel Bennett

Beaver fur coat worn by Mabel Bennett.
Beaver fur coat worn by Mabel Bennett

Mabel Bennett was a first class attendant on the Titanic. She was sleeping when the ship crashed and sank and she walked out of her room in her nightgown. That’s why she rolled some clothes in her hands and ran out suddenly.

When the ship sinks, she pulls on this fur coat to protect herself from the cold. Mabel managed to save her life from the accident. She was safely brought ashore by a lifeboat. Later, she gave this coat to her grandson.

After her death, they put this fur coat up for auction. The auctioneers expected the fur coat to fetch £80,000. But this coat has unexpectedly sold at auction for £150,000.

How artifacts from Titanic are preserved

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