Why Is My English Bulldog So Small

Why Is My English Bulldog So Small? (Answered)

by Peter Barnes

Since English bulldogs are expected to grow into strong, well-built, and energetic creatures, it is also a fair thought.

Why is my English bulldog so small? The reasons that have caused your dog to become small include inheritance, parasites in some organs and the intestinal tract, physical conditions, stress, lack of proper nutrition, lack of exercise, dietary preferences, and cancers are crucial. Also, gender difference is a reason to have a reduced weight for your English Bulldog, which is not a thing to bother.  

What Are The Signs When Your English Bulldog Is So Small?

Why Is My English Bulldog So Small
Why Is My English Bulldog So Small | Getty Images

1 . You Can See His Spin

If the spine of your English bulldog is exposed and you can easily see without flesh, then that is the best way to judge the retardation of your french bulldog. Also, we could see that dogs that did not have flesh on individual vertebrae can be considered to have low weight.

2 . You May Specifically Feel Some Bones

If your dog has grown less than other English Bulldogs, it must not have grown flesh over the hip, shoulder, and spinal cord. , you will be able to feel its hip bones, shoulder bones, and spinal cord without pushing its coat harder.

3 . The Weight Is Less Than Other English Bulldogs

Having less weight than other English bulldogs is a fact you can consider regarding low weight. If it is a male English bulldog, the weight must be around 23kg. Although the weight can be 20kg for temporary reasons, that is lower.

Regarding a female English Bulldog, the weight is around 18kg. Also, we can expect that weight to reduce up to 15kg in normal conditions. If your female french bulldog’s weight drops below 15kg, that will be unusual.

4 . Uncomfortable Positions

We saw that some English Bulldog owners complained about their dogs’ unusual positions and sudden weight loss. Although the possibility is low, it can be due to parasites or warmth that are in their bodies.

5 . Becoming Lazy

Becoming lazy is one of the most common reasons for skinny English Bulldogs. Usually, they are energetic creatures that can cover a vast area in your house within a short time. When they get skinny, they may stay in a place and try not to be engaged in activities. If you cannot weigh it or go through the slightest observation, this could be when you realize your English bulldog is becoming thin.

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Why Is My English Bulldog So Small
Why Is My English Bulldog So Small | Getty Images

Why Is Your English Bulldog So Small? – 7 Common Reasons!

1 . Genetic Issues

The oldest members of the English Bulldog family are beloved to be descendants of the Asiatic mastiff and the pug. They were large creatures and they were believed to have high energy. 

Your English Bulldog comes from the British Isles, which were also prominent. But, the hunting-like habits were barely in their lives due to the densification process. Due to the mixing of genes, the more minor qualities may have grown into commanding positions, and you might have got a miniature English Bulldog.

Are there different sizes of English Bulldogs? Yes, they can be different kinds of English Bulldogs categorized according to their weight and size. Although there are no specific names for them, you may quickly identify them. Genes are the main reason for having such English Bulldog breeds in different sizes.

2 . Parasites In Your English Bulldog’s Body

Intestinal parasites, heartworms, and various parishes can be the cause of the loss of your dog’s weight and make it smaller. We found out that 75% of the small dogs are due to the lack of consequence caused by the internal parts. 

Your English Bulldog is an active creature that may reach soil and water so often when the parties are present. If you see vomiting, swelling of the abdomen and frequent vomiting, your dog trying to bite wood and rubber can be due to parasites.

3 . His Nutrition

You can’t always blame your dog for being small. You have the responsibility of making it larger and more appealing. Nutrition is one of the reasons for that. If you forget to give your English Bulldog a nutritional meal, “Your English Bulldog Being Too Thin” will be inevitable.

4 . Diabetes

As an English Bulldog owner, you must know that their bodies are not natural but created by genetic engineers to see an adorable pet. The body weight to its social ratio is an actor that engineers missed as it could create severe health considerations. 

Diabetes is one of those conditions that can cause one to lose weight. If you see excessive water drainage, weight loss, rejection of food, and frequent infections, that can be due to diabetes. More importantly, your English bulldog will be driven to weight loss taught along with them.

5 . Weakened or Broken Tooth

Unlike other dogs, English Bulldogs don’t have strong teeth. Even a slight pain is capable of keeping your dog off the food plate. If the tooth condition keeps going

6 . The Changes In Food Consuming

Ether likes and dislikes your English Bulldog regarding its food. If you don’t consider them for your dog, it will refuse to eat, and the outcome will be what we are talking about “Why is English Bulldog small?”.

7 . Lack Of Training

We observed hundreds of English Bulldogs and found out that there is a relationship between training and the weightless. Among the English Bulldogs that did not have enough weight, there were the majority of them that did not have proper rain. 

If you forget to train your bulldog, then, there is a high possibility to have a do without the optimum weight. Not optimizing the calorie burning, irregularities in its food habit, and hyperactive conditions will lead your dog to have a reduced weight.

Tips To Get Your English Bulldog To Weight Growth

Why Is My English Bulldog So Small
Why Is My English Bulldog So Small | Getty Images

1 . Give Nutritious Food

We recommend you provide nutritional food for your English Bulldog. Also, you must pay attention to the taste, as your pet’s affection for that food is essential. Chicken, grain, beef, potato, brown rice, and formula-based food are the recommended meals for English Bulldogs by us.

2 . Get Your Dog Examined By A Vet

We recommend you take your English bulldog to a veterinary sergeant once every two months. Whether it shows any illness symptoms or not, you must take it. The veterinary agent will identify any unusual conditions, parasites, or genetic issues. Also, the veterinary Surgeon will make you focus on them.

3 . Keep Proper Mental Health

Unlike most of the domesticated bulldog species, English bulldogs demand to be on their side. If you spend a couple of hours with your English Bulldog, then it will make your pet satisfied. Also, the provision of toys is a smart move. Using those tricks, you will be able to avoid paths that could have led to creating stress in your little pal’s mind.

4 . Check The Genetic Background Of Your English Bulldog Before Purchasing

If you are fond of purchasing an English Bulldog that has a larger body, we respond by running a background check on the seller. You may directly state your needs and get what you search for, having a well-grown English bulldog. If there are gen problems in your path, you will be able to avoid them in that manner.

5 . Provide The Training

The training is an essential need of your pet, and you must provide it at any cost. The food habit will be better, thanks to that, and your dog will learn calorie-burning methods, how to eat nutritional food you recommend, behave in limited space, and do tons of good things that can grow its body aspen for the benefits.

Start with short walks of a few minutes with a young bulldog and build the dog’s endurance. As he matures, walk longer distances more frequently. Serious muscle conditioning should not begin until your dog is 12 to 18 months old. Incorporate hill work into a bulldog’s waking regimen as he matures and becomes fit.

6 . Weigh Your Dog Once A Month

We saw that most of the owners got attentive to their dogs after losing enough weight. Although you can recover from those conditions most of the time, it will take time. The best way to avoid this is to monitor your dog. Once a month or twice a month; weighing will simply fix that.


We have explained everything you must know about “Making your English Bulldog small.” After indexing that your dog is losing weight and becoming small, you will get results through the tips we provided.

Why Is My English Bulldog So Small
Why Is My English Bulldog So Small | Getty Images

Q & A

Do English Bulldogs stay small?

The English Bulldog can reach up to 16 inches tall at the shoulder. The mini Bulldog is a crossbreed of an English Bulldog mixed with a Pug, and they weigh on average 30 to 40 pounds.

What age do Bulldogs get bigger?

English Bulldogs will rarely grow taller after they’re a year old but may continue filling out in chest size and increase in weight until they’re about two years old. A full-grown male English Bulldog weighs about 50 to 55 pounds and stands 14 to 16 inches tall.

What type of bulldogs stay small?

You Can Call French Bulldogs “Frenchies”. Once bred to be miniature versions of bulldogs, Frenchies are significantly smaller than other bulldog breeds. They weigh less than 30 pounds, but they make up for their small size with unabashedly bold character.

What 2 breeds make a bulldog?

The English bulldog is known to have come from the British Isles. They are believed to have descended from the Asiatic mastiff and the pug. The original bulldogs were fearless dogs and were insensitive to pain.

Are there different sizes of Bulldogs?

All three types of bulldogs got the stocky going on, with muscular chests appropriate for their sizes. But the height and weight really vary between them: At 16–28 pounds and 11–13 inches tall, Frenchies are compact, small dogs that love riding in darling strollers.

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