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then and now couple photo

Real backstory of famous then and now photo captured in 1967

Then and now photo

by Peter Barnes

I often hear the saying, “Hold the hand of a child, and the child will lead you into old age,” but how many couples can truly embody this in reality?

A couple over 70 years old from Taiwan, with the assistance of a cultural and historical enthusiast and enthusiastic netizens, purposefully revisited the location in 2019 where they had their first date 52 years ago in 1967.

With a concerted effort, they managed to locate the same motorcycle from that time and recreated the heartwarming photograph. Their endeavor garnered much admiration and envy from netizens.

Recreating Dating Photos from 52 Years Ago

then and now couple photo
Thanks to the enthusiastic netizens who lent their motorcycle, the old couple were able to take identical comparison then and now photos.  (Photo source: Zhang Zhesheng)

A netizen shared two photos on the Facebook group “Explosive Commune No. 2.” Then and now photo showcased an elderly couple riding the same motorcycle in front of the ice rink at Tianmu Park. Then photo was meticulously retaken from the exact angle.

Some netizens pointed out that the credit for this photo opportunity should be given to Zhang Zhesheng, a “nostalgia expert” in Taiwan. On March 1 of this year, he shared that Mr. Xiao and his wife, featured in the photo, had first met in 1965 when Mr. Xiao was 17 years old and his wife was 16.

In 1967, Mr. Xiao had taken his wife on a date to Tianmu Park riding a Honda Super Cub C102 motorcycle. They had even asked a passerby to snap the iconic photo.

They tied the knot in 1973 and eventually relocated to Canada. In 2017, they handed this precious photo to Zhang Zhesheng, who posted it on Facebook. Unexpectedly, after the post gained traction, an enthusiastic netizen claimed to own the same motorcycle model and generously offered to lend it to the couple.

This gesture allowed the couple to revisit their old stomping grounds and recreate the photograph. In year 2019, the couple returned to Taiwan and, revisited Tianmu Park to capture a then and now photo in the exact pose.

then and now couple photo
Couple also took a photo again at another scenic spot in the park. (Photo source: Zhang Zhesheng)

Zhang Zhesheng also mentioned that the elderly couple also managed to ascend the same white camel captured in the photograph from 52 years ago. Nevertheless, given their age both over 70 Mr. Xiao faced some challenges while climbing. His dedicated wife, however, provided unwavering support, ensuring his secure seating and patiently aiding him in his ascent. This display of affection was truly heartwarming.

The Secret to Lasting Love: Embracing a Childlike Heart

Interestingly, during their travels to Lake Como in Italy back in 2017, the couple had encountered an Italian Vespa motorcycle. Seizing the moment, they hopped onto the Vespa without hesitation, aiming to replicate the photos taken at Tianmu Park. Little did they know that two years later, they would be able to recreate the same scene with the original motorcycle. Upon sharing this recent photo, they wrote:

Fifty years apart, yet always maintaining a pure heart

This then and now photo received over 100,000 likes, with many touched by the image and considering it a heartwarming representation of enduring love. Some even playfully noted the striking resemblance between Mr. Xiao in the photo and Alan Tam.

Photo courtesy: TOPick.hket

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