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How to Care for Your Hair After Using Color Oops: Expert Tips

by Peter Barnes

Understand the Impact of Color Oops

I know it may be difficult to hear at this point because of your current hair color challenges, but sometimes it’s best to step back, take a deep breath, and give your hair time to just settle in for as long as you can.

Color Oops is designed to blow open the cuticle and bind to existing hair dyes, which are then washed out. Unfortunately, opening the cuticle and binding to color also strips out any natural oils. Also, if you read some of the reviews about Color Oops, many people have had unfortunate experiences using the product since it may pull unwanted reds, oranges, or other colors, and they may not be completely eliminated.

Consider Your Hair’s Current Condition

How to Care for Your Hair After Using Color Oops: Expert Tips

If your hair is already damaged from excessive bleaching, Color Oops will only make your hair feel more damaged, whether Color Oops actually causes more damage or not. Many users report that it left their hair extremely dry and brittle, making it more prone to breakage. Using Color Oops may not necessarily cause your hair to fall out, but you may have already damaged your hair to the point that breakage and shedding may occur. I wouldn’t risk applying anything else to your hair at this point.

Nourish and Protect Your Hair

Apply a soothing oil like jojoba to your scalp and/or hair. It doesn’t heal the damage, but it will make your hair look and feel better in the short term.

  1. Start Small: Begin with just a drop or two of oil massaged into the palms of your clean hands and fingers.
  2. Gently Apply: Add the oil by gently finger-picking your oiled fingers and hands through the most damaged sections of your hair. You may also feel comfortable applying a little bit of oil to your scalp if it feels dry and/or itchy.
  3. Build Up Gradually: Start with a little oil, and if it helps to soften your hair and make it feel less damaged, you can add a bit more.

Adding oil to your strands does not reverse any hair damage; it simply coats the outside of the strands to help them feel softer and smoother.

Give Your Hair a Break

After you’ve applied the oil, put your hair in a protective hairstyle (if it’s long enough) and leave it alone for a few days before your next wet wash. Try not to think about your hair and let it recover.

Seek Professional Advice

If you are worried about your hair’s long-term survival and can afford to do so, consult with a professional hair colorist. They can offer additional advice on how to neutralize any chemical damage at this point. Sometimes less is more, and even our hair can rebel against too much of anything, be it chemicals or other manipulation.

Additional Note on Color Oops Usage

How to Care for Your Hair After Using Color Oops: Expert Tips

It’s important to understand that Color Oops itself doesn’t damage hair. The perceived damage often stems from prior over-processing, such as excessive bleaching and dyeing. Color Oops works by opening the cuticle and binding to dye pigments, which removes not only the color but also natural oils and any temporary treatments that made hair feel softer.

Consequently, any underlying damage becomes more apparent. Bleach-free removers like Color Oops don’t cause harm but reveal pre-existing damage. It’s crucial to recognize that DIY color removers can also exacerbate hair issues.

For personalized advice, consulting a professional is recommended. Sometimes, giving your hair a break is the best way to allow it to recover. If you need more detailed guidance, feel free to reach out, as I have extensive knowledge in hair health and dyeing.


In summary, Color Oops can be a lifesaver for correcting hair color mishaps, but it’s essential to be mindful of your hair’s overall health and condition. Sometimes, less intervention is more when it comes to maintaining healthy hair.

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