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How Long To Leave Color Oops On Black Hair

How Long To Leave Color Oops On Black Hair

by Peter Barnes

For effective use of Color Oops on black hair, wearing gloves, apply the product generously and promptly on clean, dry hair, focusing on the targeted color. Gently massage the solution throughout the hair to ensure uniform saturation. Cover with the provided hair cap and process for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Color Oops Before and After Photos – My Color Oops Review!

Curious about Color Oops effectiveness? View my Color Oops before and after images! Discover its impact after approximately 20 minutes on hair transformation!

Having dyed my hair for over 23 years, various coloring accidents occurred along the way, prompting the need for Color Oops.

One memorable incident involved dyeing it “Herbal Essence Raspberry,” resulting in a vivid hot pink shade. My teenage assumption was that applying a blonde dye would restore its original blonde hue. Unfortunately, the anticipated transformation didn’t occur.

Recalling haircare mishaps: One salon visit turned my locks orange, swiftly corrected to an unusual ash tone—somewhat greenish-gray, not ideal for a 21-year-old.

The aftermath? A drastic haircut and a year’s supply of Wella products as consolation.

Then, about two years back, entrusted my highlights to a cruise ship—resulting in bleach-over-bleach, leading to hair damage in chunks right before our family photo session.

Now, passing those enlarged photos, I spot a cleverly-placed bobby pin, covering the hair gaps.

Color Oops on Red Hair Color Mistakes

Having accumulated ample knowledge about hair color and artificial pigments, here are two vital lessons: Firstly, never attempt bleach over the counter. Secondly, opting for red from a box is surprisingly feasible.

Typically, my recourse for covering gray hair and touching up my natural hair involves salon visits. For highlights, a professional is a must.

DIY highlighting is akin to burning through your finances (does anyone still use checkbooks? Maybe revealing my age here) due to the inevitable corrections when things go awry.

However, red hair dye—now that’s a different tale.

Red hues tend to wash out relatively quickly, sometimes fading away within mere weeks or even days post-application.

Disappointed with your red hair? Don’t worry, red hues tend to fade with time, requiring a bit of patience. After shelling out $120 every four weeks to maintain my red at the salon for three months, I did something I hadn’t attempted in a decade—I reached for a box of artificial dye.

And guess what? I absolutely loved it.

My first choice was Feria Red Copper INTENSE. The result was strikingly vibrant, but as expected, artificial color eventually loses its intensity. Here’s a glimpse of the day of the dye and four weeks later. While it faded to a lovely shade, I yearned for that brilliant radiance.

Opting for L’Oreal’s Intense Color Copper next, aiming for a similar copper shade, I noticed a subtle difference—less vibrant yet still appealing. However, this one faded remarkably fast; within about a week and a half, I was back to a brownish hue.

During my recent trip to Walgreens last Friday, I decided to venture into brighter territory, opting for something more vivid than copper—why not red, right?

I chose Feria Power Red, enticed by the promise on the box. Initially, it perfectly mirrored the box color. However, within a couple of days, reality hit hard—it didn’t complement my skin tone or any of my outfits. Not in the slightest.

Trying on various dresses, I discovered only blue managed to somewhat complement this new hair color of mine.

And you know what? I absolutely despised it!!!

Experimenting with Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover, I embarked on a quest to strip the color from my hair last night.

Typically, I’d label this as a terrible idea, advising strongly against it in most cases. But armed with a bit of research, I opted for Oops Hair Color Remover, Extra Strength, taking a chance.

This remover operates by disrupting the bonds of color molecules, facilitating the washing and rinsing away of the dye from the strands.

Key Considerations When Using Oops Hair Color Remover:

Pungent Odor: The product emits a strong smell, reminiscent of a perm solution or, for some, akin to rotten eggs. While it didn’t bother me due to prolonged salon exposure, those sensitive to intense chemical scents might find it unpleasant. Be prepared for the lingering scent; even a good clarifying shampoo won’t fully eliminate it. I’m giving my pillowcase a bleach treatment today.

Deep Conditioning: Post-application, a deep hair conditioner is a must. While it didn’t damage my hair significantly, thorough conditioning, from the hair shaft to the ends, is essential. I prefer the Macadamia Hair Intense or the cost-effective Dove Restoration Mask.

Follow Instructions:

  • Prioritize reading the Color Oops instructions thoroughly. It involves mixing two bottles, shaking for 30 seconds, and saturating the hair. Despite having voluminous hair, one box covered my entire head adequately.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended 20-minute application time. The crucial step? Rinse and shampoo your hair for a full 20 minutes.
  • Trust me, I anticipated enjoying a 20-minute shower, but boredom kicked in at 7 minutes. Continuous rinsing is crucial. Despite the water remaining clear throughout, I persisted with rinsing, shampooing, and more rinsing.
  • Afterward, apply a deep conditioner for another 20 minutes before the final rinse and drying.

The Result? While it didn’t revert to my natural hair color, it effectively removed the intense red from artificial dye. I’m now left with a strawberry reddish blonde tone. For box dye, Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover absolutely delivered results.


Q1: Can leaving Color Oops longer than the recommended time yield better results on black hair?

A: It’s essential to follow the instructions precisely. Leaving Color Oops on for more extended periods doesn’t necessarily improve outcomes. In fact, it might increase the risk of drying out or damaging the hair without significantly enhancing the color removal process.

Q2: Is there a specific timing difference for Color Oops application on previously dyed black hair versus natural black hair?

A: Not necessarily. The duration for applying Color Oops remains consistent regardless of whether the black color is natural or dyed. However, dyed black hair might require more thorough rinsing due to deeper color penetration.

Q3: Can leaving Color Oops for a shorter time prevent excessive color removal on black hair?

A: Yes, reducing the processing time might help control the amount of color removed from black hair. It’s crucial to keep in mind that shorter application times might result in less effective color elimination, especially for deeply saturated black tones.

Q4: Will applying heat during the Color Oops process affect the duration it should be left on black hair?

A: Introducing heat, such as using a hairdryer or heat cap, might accelerate the Color Oops process. However, sticking to the recommended duration is still advisable to prevent potential damage to the hair caused by prolonged exposure to the product.

Q5: Does the recommended duration for Color Oops vary based on different black hair textures or porosities?

A: While the recommended time for Color Oops application remains consistent, hair texture and porosity might influence the color removal outcome. Porous hair might absorb and release color differently, requiring more meticulous rinsing and potentially affecting the overall processing time.

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