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Interesting stories in history

Interesting Stories In History

by Peter Barnes

Interesting Stories In History: Some of the stories that have taken place in the history of the world are amazing to us. It is no secret that in the history of world wars in particular, such weird, strange and bizarre events have been so interestingly lined up. So, in this article we are going to tell you about two such exciting and interesting stories in the history. For sure we can say that, these are the incidents which happened due to their luck .

Look at this photo. It features the world-famous nurse ‘Violet Jessop‘ who survived three famous naval accidents in world history. First Accident Olympic Ship (1911), Second accident was the Titanic (1912) and the third was the Britannic (1916).

She was born the daughter of two Irish immigrants but was born and living in Argentina. When she was 21, she left home with the intention of working as a nurse.

First Luck

After working on several ships, she joined the Olympic ship in 1911. While she was working, the Olympic ship collided with another warship, but she was rescued from the wreckage.

Second Luck

While the Olympic ship has been undergoing repairs without sailing for months, she goes to work on the brand-new Titanic, a sister ship owned by the same shipping company. We all know the tragedy that happened to the Titanic. There she was lucky enough to join with the 16 peoples’ lifeboat aboard from the sinking Titanic. Before that, Violet has to fight for life and death on the sinking deck for hours. Later, she and her crew were rescued by the Carpathian the next day while floating in the lifeboat.

She then trained as a nurse and served on various hospital ships during World War I.

Third Luck

During this time, she was employed as a nurse on the British ship. While she was on duty there, the ship exploded due to an unimaginable attack. When Violet sinks with the ship, she is seriously injured when she dives to a lifeboat. After surviving the tragedy, Violet returned to work on the White Star Line in 1920 and worked as a nurse on various ships until she retired in 1950.

Violet Joseph, who was retiring in 1971, died due to a heart attack at the age of 83. Rest In Peace Lucky Lady !

This is another one of interesting stories in history of war. These soldiers were lucky enough to be happy because of a woman named ‘Anna Coleman Lad’

Photo – Wikipedia

During World War I, soldiers, who had been wounded by gunshots and the artillery shells exploding while passing through bunker trenches, saved their lives from those terrible accidents, but their heads and faces were severely disfigured. Many French people called them men with broken faces.

interesting stories in history
Photo – Pinterest

Both the friendly and the enemy soldiers who faced these situations after the end of the war thought that they would have to hide these severe scars for the rest of their lives. But luck was behind their sad story.

interesting stories in history
Photo – Shutterstock

Anna Coleman Lad, an American sculptor living in Manchester, Britain at the time, changed that attitude and took the lead in creating the environment for many of these people to come into society and enjoy a normal life. She devoted her entire life to making porcelain and plastic face masks for the soldiers, giving them much of the facial features, skin texture and natural appearance of their hair as before they were mutilated.

Her humanitarian work later became known worldwide as ‘anaplastology’. In recognition of her humanitarian work, she was awarded the Knight (Chevalier) of the Legion of Honor by the French government in 1932.

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