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Candy Montgomery

Who is Candy Montgomery from Hulu and where is she now? Learn About the Creator of the Series

by Ricardo Walter

What is Candy Montgomery’s current situation? Check out the source material for the upcoming Hulu series, Candy.

On June 13, 1980, the brutal murder of elementary school teacher Betty Gore in Texas made national headlines. Her neighbors, Lester Gaylord and Richard Parker, discovered her dead. Her body had 41 ax wounds, and the murder weapon had been discovered inside her home.

Betty’s other neighbor and close friend, was arrested just two weeks later after fingerprint and footprint evidence at the crime scene was analyzed. Both families were friends who attended the same church and had their children play together. Candy began an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore, which lasted a year. After her arrest, Candy was charged with murdering Betty, who was 29 at the time.

In October 1980, when the 30-year-trial began, she confessed to killing Betty in self-defense. Candy claimed that after Betty found out about her affair with Alan, she was the one who tried to kill her with the murder weapon first.

Tina Rowden/Hulu

She went on to say that Betty lost control of the ax at one point, and the two women struggled with it after that. Candy claimed that Betty was still the aggressor when the alleged struggle reached its apex, which is why Candy struck her multiple times before brutally killing her. Due to her self-defense pleas, Candy was eventually acquitted of all charges brought against her. She left Texas after the trial was over and never returned.

The killer’s current whereabouts are unknown, although the Daily Mail reported that she relocated to Georgia and divorced her ex-husband, Pat Montgomery. Candy also worked as a mental health therapist for a while and now goes by her maiden name, “Wheeler.”


As part of a collaboration with HBO Max, Candy will premiere on Hulu on May 9, with the series finale airing on May 13. Jessica Biel plays Candy in the film.

HBO! Max is also working on a new Candy series called Love & Death, which he will produce. With Elizabeth Olsen as Candy and Lily Rabe as Betty, the show will probably tell us more about what happened in the past.

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Bottom Line : Candy claimed she acted in self-defense after learning about her affair with Betty’s husband. Candy was acquitted of all charges brought against her due to her self-defense plea. The killer’s whereabouts are unknown, but she has reportedly moved to Georgia and remarried.

Source : In Touch Weekly | Daily Mail

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