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Collecchio silent fireworks

Respecting Animals: Collecchio Town in Italy Switches to Silent Fireworks

Silent Fireworks

by Deborah Audas

Fireworks are a popular part of celebrations, but while humans enjoy the dazzling displays, animals can suffer from the loud noises. In the United States and Italy, pets and other animals often experience heart problems, nausea, tremors, fear, and stress due to fireworks. Animals have more sensitive hearing, and the explosions can cause them “acoustic stress.”

The Dangers of Fireworks for Animals

During fireworks displays, animals can become confused and scared by the loud noises, often running away frantically and sometimes getting hit by cars in the process. Animals that are too close to the explosions can suffer burns or eye damage. Even chickens can be affected, producing fewer eggs after a fireworks display.

Collecchio, Italy Takes Action

Collecchio silent fireworks
Collecchio silent fireworks | Photo: Now This YT Channel

In the town of Collecchio, located in the province of Parma in Italy, the local government has taken action to reduce the stress caused to animals by fireworks. New legislation has been introduced in Local government of Collecchio, requiring citizens to use silent fireworks as a way of showing respect to animals and minimizing their distress.

Introducing Setti’s Silent Fireworks

Setti Fireworks, a local company, has developed fireworks that produce a spectacular light show without the deafening sounds typically associated with fireworks. These silent fireworks are designed to fit the venue and event for which they will be used, ensuring a visually stunning display without causing distress to animals.

Silent Fireworks: A Step Towards Animal-Friendly Celebrations

Collecchio silent fireworks
Collecchio silent fireworks

The use of silent fireworks in Collecchio is a step towards more animal-friendly celebrations. By reducing the noise pollution caused by traditional fireworks, the town is showing consideration for the well-being of its animal population. This approach could serve as an example for other communities in the United States and Italy to follow, promoting responsible and respectful use of fireworks during celebrations to protect the welfare of animals.

Town Lights Silent Fireworks to Avoid Scaring Pets

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