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Modern Home Inside Ancient Giant Rock 1

Modern Home Inside Ancient Giant Rock: Architect Amey Kandalagar’s Masterpiece

by Peter Barnes

In Saudi Arabia stands a truly unique house embedded within a rock, a masterpiece envisioned by Shanghai architect and photographer Amey Kandalagar. Inspired by the rock tomb complex in the region, Kandalagar embarked on an innovative journey, blending two distinct architectural styles to create this remarkable dwelling.

Modern Home Inside Ancient Giant Rock 1

In a daring departure from convention, the architect fearlessly combined high-tech elements with a natural aesthetic—an audacious move that set this project apart. Employing the rock as a foundational element, the architect strategically incorporated concrete blocks and platforms from various angles around the massive stone.

Within the rock’s interior, intricate stairs and corridors were crafted, while each concrete block or terrace featured expansive windows, creating an illusion that these structures organically melded with the rugged rock surface.

Modern Home Inside Ancient Giant Rock 1

Meticulous attention to convenience and aesthetics guided the architect in crafting this extraordinary residence. Positioned strategically atop the cliff, a swimming pool and jacuzzi offer breathtaking views of the surrounding desert.

Striving for optimal harmony and balance, the architect prioritized smooth concrete slabs, carefully placing them predominantly in the upper reaches of the cliff to preserve the natural ambiance.

The deliberate decision to forego ornamental scenery or stone carving underscores the commitment to maintaining the inherent, unspoiled beauty of the rock.

Modern Home Inside Ancient Giant Rock 1

The architect employed a minimalist aesthetic for all the blocks and terraces, showcasing a clean and streamlined design. Leveraging advanced 3D modeling techniques, he brought this unique vision to life.

Looking ahead, the architect envisions the implementation of a closed water supply system and the introduction of plant life, including trees and vegetation, atop and around the rock. This forward-thinking approach aims to further integrate the structure with its natural surroundings, ensuring sustainability and a harmonious coexistence with the environment.

Modern Home Inside Ancient Giant Rock 1

Through his work, the architect seeks to convey the possibility of harmonious living with nature. Emphasizing a connection to our roots, he believes that proximity to our origins brings tranquility to our souls. The notion that opulence and brightness are unnecessary in construction aligns with his philosophy.

He contends that structures designed with simplicity and humility resonate better with the natural environment, fostering a seamless integration and balance between human habitation and the surrounding landscape.

Modern Home Inside Ancient Giant Rock 1

Entering the natural environment without disrupting its essence is a paramount consideration for Amey. With several upcoming projects on the horizon, the architect remains a creative enigma, keeping his future experiments under wraps for now.

The anticipation builds as we await the unveiling of Amey’s next ventures, curious to witness the innovative and bold paths he will tread in his ongoing quest to harmonize architectural marvels with the beauty of the surroundings.

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