4 Must-Try Eyewear Trends for 2023

4 Must-Try Eyewear Trends for 2023

by Peter Barnes

Eyewear has been an essential piece of fashion for centuries, and its trends are constantly shifting, evolving, or coming back in style. With more people wanting to care for their eye health and vision, eyeglasses and sunglasses are increasing in demand, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.4%.

Not only do they help correct vision and guard against harmful light to prevent issues down the line, but they also simultaneously make a great fashion statement and elevate any look. If you’re looking for eyewear that fits the times while still being practical, here are four must-try eyewear trends for 2023:

Blue light lenses

Eyewear isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s also essential for protecting your eyes. Not only do you have the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays to contend with, but blue light from modern devices can also lead to eye strain, accelerate retina aging, and disrupt sleep.

As such, blue light glasses are becoming a more significant trend in 2023, with more people recognizing that prolonged exposure to screens for work or personal use can harm their vision. These glasses filter out blue-violet light and preserve visual comfort when using devices, so you don’t have to worry about eye fatigue or other issues. These glasses can also come in varying styles and prescription or non-prescription versions, so there’s a pair out there that can suit anyone’s vision needs.

Sustainable frames

Sustainability is becoming a major focus for brands as consumers shift towards eco-friendly options; eyewear is no exception to this trend. Most glasses and sunglasses are made of plastic, which can harm the ecosystem when thrown out. Rather than let these materials go to waste, eyewear companies are repurposing them to create sustainable frames.

They don’t skimp out on style and quality either; they still contribute to an outfit, feel comfortable on the face, and provide excellent vision performance while allowing you to be a more environmentally conscious consumer.

It’s not just the eyewear itself that’s eco-friendly, as some eyewear brands ensure that the packaging these glasses come in is also made of recyclable materials. This eyewear trend allows companies and consumers to reduce their footprint and contribute to minimizing climate change.

Sleek and simple

Experimenting with eyewear is a great way to play with style, which is why so many bold and fun shapes and colors are available now. However, simplicity always stays in style; sleek and timeless designs are still making the rounds in the fashion industry but with an updated twist.

All-black sunglasses with a classic rectangular shape add coolness to any look, especially with a skinnier, angular style that echoes trendy Y2K fashion. These timeless looks are also favored by celebrities like Travis Scott, who’s known for his unique take on streetwear that’s casual but still elevated.

Cat-eye styles are also big this year. They’re flattering for many face shapes and boost any outfit, no matter the vibe you’re going for. You can never go wrong with sleek and simple styles; they’re perfect if you want a pair of forever shades that can withstand the changing fashion landscape without being archaic.

Sporty sunglasses

Iridescent wraparound shades have often been associated with athletes and outdoor activity enthusiasts who use them to keep the sun’s glare at bay to enhance performance. However, they’ve become a big trend for everyday wear thanks to their features and styles.

Their colorful lenses and angular shapes add fun to a look, giving off a cool vibe without looking boring. Some sports-inspired eyewear takes on a more toned-down look with fewer in-your-face style elements but still provides the same level of “sporty cool.” They also have a lot of practical benefits; they’re lightweight, don’t slip off the face as much, and the wraparound style provides more coverage from harmful UV light.

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