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Sharon Stone, 64, Says Her Boy Friend Dumped Her Because She Didn't Get Botox

Sharon Stone Says Her Boy Friend Dumped Her Because She Didn’t Get Botox

by Peter Barnes

In the 1990s, Sharon Stone became a well-known figure, particularly after her performance as the femme fatale, Catherine Tramell, in the movie Basic Instinct. She was nominated for a Golden Globe as best actress in a movie for the part. She was also known for her beauty over the years because of how beautiful she was.

At the age of 64, she has spoken out about embracing her age even if the individuals she dates don’t agree. The Sliver actress told Vogue Arabia that she feels “women become invisible once we become moms, and when you’re 45, people walk by you like you don’t exist.” As you age, life doesn’t always make you feel like a winner.

But that hasn’t kept her from being sad. Even though everyone, including the people she dates, tells her otherwise! When she was dating a younger man, he asked her if she used Botox.

Sharon stone with Italian real estate mogul Angelo Boffa in Miami
Sharon Stone with Italian real estate mogul Angelo Boffa in Miami | E Online

“When I was super famous, I got Botox, fillers, and other things,” she said. “Then I had a massive stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage, and I had to get over 300 shots of Botox and filler to make one side of my face come up again.”

Because of this, Botox went from being a “cute luxury” to being “some kind of huge, painful neurological need.” After that, she decided she would never do it again.

When her younger partner asked her about getting work done, she said, “It would probably be good for both of our egos if I did.” She then said, “I saw him once more after that, but he stopped wanting to see me after that.”

If you don’t see me after that, please find your way out of here. ” Even though the relationship is over, it doesn’t make her sad. She said, at the age of 64, “This is the most exciting and creative time in my life.” I’m feeling very, very happy. I’ve never felt so happy. “

Sharon Stone
Photo – Reddit

The actress wrote a book called The Beauty of Living Twice, which came out in 2021. In the book, the mother of three talked about some scary things that happened to her, like when her grandfather sexually abused her and her sister Kelly.

She told The New York Times that she and her sister decided to come forward with the story and “made this decision together” to talk about the abuse in Sharon Stone’s memoir. “We told my mother what was going on, and at first she was very calm, but then she wrote me a letter about how scary it all was.”

The whole religious, shocked, I don’t want to talk about it directly thing. Then, when my mom was staying with my sister, she got drunk and really went for it with my mom, “Sharon Stone said. “And my mom made a big step forward. When I was done with the book, I took three days to read it to my mom. At the time, I had the flu.

Sharon stone
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I was in bed, and she came in with me when I was done with the book. I then recorded her talking for an hour and a half, “she said. Then I went back and changed a lot of the book. At that point, I gave the book to her. “

Los Angeles Magazine says that in the book, she wrote about the time her grandmother made her watch her grandfather abuse her five-year-old sister. Sharon Stone was only eight years old at the time.

It’s very strange that a child’s first experience with death is happiness and relief. “And emptiness,” she wrote, adding that she used the anger she felt toward her grandfather to play serial killer Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. “It was very freeing to know that I was so angry that I would have loved to stab [my grandfather] to death,” she said. Even though Sharon Stone faces many problems in life, he keeps going.

Unknown Facts about Sharon Stone

Sharon stone
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Sharon Stone has been a Buddhist

After her second marriage, she was supposedly introduced to Buddhism by Richard Gere, who was in the movie Intersection with her. “I believe in God. A lot of people probably think that I’m very religious. Even though I follow Buddhism, I believe in God… I’ve really given my life to God, and I know that’s why I’m OK and at peace.

She had an aneurysm in her brain

I had to learn to walk and talk again. It took me two years. In 2001, the star of “Sliver” had a massive hemorrhage. For nine days, her brain bled. She stuttered and couldn’t read when she got home after her stroke. She can now use all the words she used to know. It’s been a hard road, and she says, “My goal is to get older.”

Sharon Stone Was On Law & Order: SVU

Her career was on the way down, 15 years after the performance for which she was nominated for an Oscar. The star of If These Walls Could Talk 2 said that her recurring role in the 11th season of the hit show with Mariska Hargitay was “humiliating.” “Having worked with the best people in the business, I thought, ‘Wow, I’m really at the back of the line here.'”

Sharon Stone writes songs

The actress who plays Catwoman is also a good writer. “The first song I put out was about Hurricane Katrina. Come Together Now was the name of an album, and I wrote the title track. She also wrote lyrics for a Swedish song called “Let’s Kiss” and about an Argentinian poet and writer who was killed in his car.

Sharon Stone Got Her College Degree At Age 58

The actress from “Laundromat” went to Edinboro State University of Pennsylvania when she was 15, but she dropped out before she graduated to become a model. In 2007, the school gave her an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in public service. In 2016, she voted for Hillary Clinton for president. She was so impressed by her that she decided to finish her degree online. 

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