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Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

by Deborah Audas

Embarking on the journey of adopting a Great Dane is more than just welcoming a pet into your home; it’s a tale of compassion, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds that form between humans and these magnificent dogs.

In our collection of Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories, you’ll uncover inspiring narratives that showcase the trans-formative power of rescue and the profound impact these gentle giants have on the lives they touch. From tales of healing after loss to the joyous moments that unfold when a Dane finds their forever family, these stories celebrate the remarkable journeys that begin with a wagging tail and end with an open heart.

Join us as we delve into these heartwarming accounts that highlight the extraordinary connections between Great Danes and their adoptive families.

Dottie’s Heartwarming Tale: A Remarkable Journey

The last two years of my previous Dane’s life were marked by a decision – once she was gone, I aimed to embrace a life of freedom and travel. Unfortunately, her departure came sooner than expected. On Thanksgiving Day, a mere 10 days after being diagnosed with a potential brain tumor post-seizure, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize her. In her memory, I gathered all her belongings and donated a substantial load to the local animal shelter, leaving behind an emptiness that seemed insurmountable.

Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

Within an astonishingly brief span of 30 hours after bidding farewell to my beloved Dane, a realization struck with undeniable force – life without a dog would be unbearable. In a whirlwind, I found myself completing adoption applications for every nearby Dane rescue. It was then that GDFRL (Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love) reached out to me, perhaps sensing my eager anticipation from miles away. A few weeks later, Dottie CrazyPants became an inseparable part of my life.

GDFRL’s admirable approach involves nurturing Danes in seasoned home environments, meticulously pairing them with ideal homes, and offering steadfast support to adoptive families. What transpired through adopting Dottie was nothing short of a remarkable transformation.

My own circle expanded, embracing a new family – the entire GDFRL community showered Dottie with affection during events, and our bond deepened through playdates with her Dane siblings. These fellow adopters, who became friends through their shared love for these gentle giants, have enriched my life immeasurably.

Dottie, in all her charismatic glory, embodies the essence of a perfect companion. Her endearing quirks and natural showmanship bring boundless joy, and her sheer zest for life is palpable. She thrives on social interactions, feeling a tad dejected if too many days pass without her engaging with the world.

A penchant for wearing tutus adds a delightful flair to her character, complementing her innate role as a born therapy dog. In fact, her unique ability to spread happiness to those around her is unmatched, making her a beloved presence wherever she goes.

Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

Reflecting upon my journey, it’s impossible to envision life without Dottie. Gratitude fills my heart as I look back on the pivotal role GDFRL played in uniting us. Their meticulous matchmaking process and unwavering dedication ensure that remarkable dogs like Dottie find their way into deserving homes.

Dottie’s presence has undeniably transformed my world, filling it with laughter, companionship, and a sense of purpose. For this, I am deeply indebted to GDFRL for the extraordinary gift they’ve bestowed upon both Dottie and myself. – Lara K.

Check out Dottie’s Facebook page >>> Dottie Crazy Pants

Note: This heartfelt account is shared in honor of the beloved Dottie and the remarkable journey she embarked upon. To those considering adopting a Dane, may this narrative serve as a testament to the transformative power of rescue and the incredible bonds that can flourish through such experiences.

Bailey’s Heartfelt Journey: Embracing Love and Joy

The sentiment “A wiggly butt and sloppy kisses make every day perfect” found a new home in my heart when Miss Bailey became a cherished part of our household in August 2015. The journey that led to her adoption was serendipitous, guided by fate and the unwavering support of Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love (GDFRL).

Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

Our longing to provide a forever home to a rescue dog found a guiding light when we crossed paths with Kristi, elegantly walking a magnificent Great Dane while sporting a GDFRL shirt. Kristi’s warmth and enthusiasm enveloped us, as she generously shared insights about the breed and the rescue’s mission. Intrigued and inspired, we embarked on a journey that would forever change our lives.

The introduction to Cinnamon initiated our virtual exploration of GDFRL through their Facebook page and website. Enthralled by the heartwarming pictures and touching bios of the dogs in need of homes, we submitted an application and began our quest to find the perfect companion. Amidst the digital gallery, one name resonated – Bailey. Her photos radiated her personality, and insights from her foster family painted a vivid picture of her disposition. Encouraged by our newfound connection with GDFRL, we expressed our interest in welcoming Bailey into our lives.

A pivotal moment arrived with a home visit orchestrated by Tiffany, accompanied by her dashing Dane companion, Toby. The visit provided a tangible glimpse into life with a Great Dane, as we observed Toby gracefully adapting to our home environment. Tiffany’s wealth of knowledge and advice offered invaluable guidance, assuaging any concerns we had about welcoming a larger-than-life companion.

Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

The anticipation culminated in a journey to Charlotte to welcome Bailey into our fold. Eager and hopeful, we embarked on this new chapter, armed with a wealth of information and a heartfelt commitment to our newest family member. GDFRL’s thorough approach extended to providing us with essential adoption information, including a protective contract that underscored our commitment to Bailey’s well-being.

Bailey’s integration into our lives was surprisingly smooth, exceeding our expectations. Her initially calm temperament and cautious nature around new experiences gradually transformed through patience and consistent care. Over the ensuing months, her confidence blossomed, reflecting the immense love and nurturing she received in her forever home.

Our journey was made richer through ongoing connections with fellow Great Dane enthusiasts and active GDFRL members. Their camaraderie and shared experiences provided an invaluable support system as Bailey navigated her transition to becoming an integral part of our “Three Old Broads” family unit. Together, we embarked on a joyful journey of growth and mutual understanding.

As Bailey continues to flourish, her vibrant personality finds expression through her boundless affection and unmistakable presence. Spoiled as she may be, her antics bring immeasurable joy to our lives. Her expressive barks welcoming us home serve as a reminder that our home is forever brighter with her in it.

In closing, the heartwarming journey of embracing Bailey into our lives has been one of transformative love and unwavering companionship. This narrative serves as a tribute to the incredible journey of rescue, guided by the dedication of GDFRL and the immense capacity of a dog’s love to elevate our lives. – Linda T.

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Note: This touching account is shared to celebrate the profound impact that adoption, love, and the supportive community of Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love can have on both humans and their four-legged companions.

Skye’s Inspiring Journey: Spreading Joy Through Compassion

The year 2011 marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey for Steve and me as we embarked on our volunteer journey with Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love (GDFRL). Amidst the remarkable stories that unfolded during our association, one tale stands out – the heartwarming journey of Skye and the undeniable impact she’s made.

Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

Skye’s tale is intertwined with the remarkable journey of her mother, Nora, who birthed ten resilient puppies while under GDFRL’s care. It was in the presence of this nurturing environment that our paths crossed with Skye, sparking a deep conviction that our destinies were meant to intertwine.

May 14, 2014, marked a significant day as Skye became a cherished member of our household. Training quickly became the cornerstone of our companionship. Skye’s insatiable appetite for learning and demonstrating new commands was palpable. From mastering the basics to conquering more intricate tasks, she embraced each challenge with enthusiasm.

Her dedication and remarkable progress culminated in her achievement of the Canine Good Citizen title, a testament to her exceptional temperament and training. However, Skye’s journey didn’t stop there; she set her sights higher. Her Therapy Dog evaluation followed, leading to her certification and title through Therapy Dogs International on September 21, 2015. Skye’s transformation into a therapy dog marked a turning point, channeling her vibrant energy into a purpose-driven mission.

Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

The impact of Skye’s presence transcends words, as her gentle demeanor and captivating presence captivate hearts wherever she goes. A sight to behold, a Great Dane ambling through hospital corridors commands attention, but it’s Skye’s serenity that leaves an indelible impression. As she graces hospital rooms and nursing homes, her calm disposition resonates with both patients and staff alike.

Skye’s regular visits to the local hospital and nursing home have forged connections that radiate warmth and positivity. Her arrival illuminates the room, sparking smiles and creating a sense of anticipation. The joy she exudes is palpable, extending its embrace to patients and staff alike. With each visit, Skye solidifies her position as a bearer of happiness, leaving an enduring legacy in her wake.

Beyond the tangible impact of her therapy work, Skye’s captivating presence has garnered recognition in various media outlets, including magazines and local news features. Her journey has transcended boundaries, capturing the hearts of those who encounter her story.

Happy Great Dane Adoption Stories

In closing, Skye’s journey is a celebration of compassion, resilience, and the profound connection that can be forged between humans and animals. Her evolution from a rescued dog to a certified therapy companion is a testament to the transformative power of love and dedicated training. Skye’s legacy continues to inspire, reminding us that even the gentlest soul can leave an indelible mark on the world. – Tra M.

Check out Skye’s Facebook page >>> Skye the Great Dane

Note: Skye’s heartwarming journey is shared as a tribute to the incredible impact of therapy dogs and the bond between humans and their four-legged companions. Her story reminds us of the extraordinary potential for positive change that lies within the embrace of love and compassion.

Shanti’s Journey: Embracing Compassion and Second Chances

Four years ago, our family embarked on a transformative journey by choosing to adopt a Great Dane through the compassionate efforts of Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love (GDFRL). The adoption process was characterized by thoroughness, ensuring not only the safety of our home but also our understanding of the breed’s unique nature.

The process began with a meticulous home inspection and a thoughtful interview. GDFRL’s commitment extended beyond mere placement; they aimed to foster a genuine understanding of the breed and dogs as a whole. We were armed with comprehensive information about the breed, as well as insights into the delicate constitution of these gentle giants.

New Year’s Day 2014 brought a shy and fearful Shanti into our lives. As is common with rescue dogs, she bore the weight of health issues. In times of uncertainty, reaching out to GDFRL, particularly Cinnamon, has been met with prompt responses. Their commitment transcends adoption, as they willingly guide us in the right direction, even beyond their responsibilities.

Emily, Shanti’s dedicated foster mom, has also played an integral role in our journey. Her availability and willingness to share advice for various concerns have been invaluable. The network of support that GDFRL extends doesn’t fade with adoption; it thrives.

Today, as we prepare to expand our dog family once again, the choice is clear – we will undoubtedly turn to GDFRL. Their authenticity and compassion make them a beacon in the realm of rescue organizations. A testimonial to their dedication is our unwavering recommendation to anyone seeking a Dane companion.

Shanti’s journey symbolizes the essence of second chances and the transformative power of compassion. From her initial moments of shyness to her growth into a beloved family member, her story epitomizes the significance of rescue and the indelible mark it leaves on both dogs and humans alike. GDFRL’s unwavering commitment to the betterment of these majestic creatures is a testament to the potential for change that resides within the realm of love and care. – Michelle B.

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Note: Shanti’s journey serves as a tribute to the commitment of rescue organizations like GDFRL and the remarkable transformations that transpire when compassion is extended to dogs in need. Her story reinforces the notion that with understanding and care, second chances can blossom into lifelong companionship.

Ollie: A Tale of Love, Laughter, and Second Chances

After bidding a fond farewell to our cherished canine companion of 11 years, our hearts yearned to fill our home with the warmth of another dog’s presence. The allure of the Great Dane breed had always captivated me, despite my husband’s initial reservations about welcoming such a large canine into our lives.

One serendipitous evening, a conversation with one of my husband’s coworkers revolved around the topic of rescuing dogs. To my delight, they recounted their experience of adopting a Great Dane from GDFRL. It was as though fate itself had orchestrated this encounter. Without hesitation, I reached out to GDFRL, and thus began a transformative journey.

Our engagement with GDFRL resulted in not one, but two joyful adoptions. A hallmark of GDFRL’s approach is the nurturing environment provided by foster care. This approach enables the organization to comprehensively assess each dog, ensuring their suitability for a fulfilling and lasting connection with their adoptive families. Our current Dane, Ollie, was recommended to us by Cinnamon, who expertly matched his personality to our family dynamics.

In the span of almost four months, Ollie has carved an indelible space in our hearts. His endearing nature and insatiable desire for affection embody the quintessential Dane spirit. A true embodiment of his breed, he merrily assumes the role of a lap dog, generously offering his affection in return for a loving hand.

While Ollie’s charm knows no bounds, the path to his present state required patience and dedication. Prior to rescue, he lacked the guidance necessary for proper manners. However, with the commitment of a few training classes and consistent effort, Ollie has transformed into a model of canine etiquette, even earning his place as one of the most well-trained dogs at our local dog park.

The journey with a rescue dog is a testament to the profound impact of time and care. Ollie’s initial shortcomings were overshadowed by his incredible potential, and as he blossomed under our care, the beauty of second chances became evident. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cinnamon and the dedicated volunteers at GDFRL. Their relentless dedication ensures that every dog gets a renewed opportunity to experience the joys of love and companionship.

Ollie’s story mirrors the narrative of countless dogs who have found their way into loving homes through the efforts of organizations like GDFRL. It is a reminder that beneath the veneer of uncertainties lie the gems of loyalty, love, and laughter. Ollie, with his unique Dane charm, has seamlessly woven himself into the fabric of our lives, embodying the essence of second chances and the boundless capacity for love that dogs bring. – Tracy C.

Note: Ollie’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of rescue and the immeasurable impact that compassion and patience can have on a dog’s life. His story serves as a tribute to the dedication of rescue organizations and the magic that unfolds when dogs find their forever homes.

Wilma: A Heartfelt Journey of Healing and New Beginnings

My journey with Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love began long before I welcomed my first rescue Dane into my life. The reputation of their exceptional work and their knack for pairing the perfect Danes with families had already reached me. Little did I know that fate would guide me to them when I needed it the most.

The heart-wrenching loss of our beloved 8-year-old male Dane followed by our dear 7-year-old white, deaf female Dane within a mere two weeks left us shattered. Amid the grief, one thing was certain: our search for a new family member would inevitably lead us to GDFRL. Cinnamon, aware of our recent losses and our contemplation of adding another Dane to our lives, was a beacon of hope during our darkest days. Filling out the adoption papers felt like a step towards the unknown, a lifeline of sorts.

As the days passed, I received an email that held the promise of new beginnings. It mentioned the presence of a white, deaf female Dane. At that moment, I held back, allowing hesitation to take over. However, destiny had other plans. A follow-up email arrived, adorned with a photograph capturing the pure essence of joy as the deaf Dane ran freely. That image struck a chord deep within me, igniting a sense of connection that was impossible to ignore. It was as if the dog in the picture held a message of hope, whispering that healing was possible. With that, I was captivated.

The subsequent meeting with Wilma, the spirited Dane in the photograph, affirmed the unspoken bond we shared. Bringing her home marked the beginning of a new chapter for our family. Wilma effortlessly and seamlessly became an integral part of our lives, a testament to GDFRL’s exceptional talent for matching families with their perfect companions. Their expertise in pairing Danes and families translates into remarkable success stories, each one echoing the profound impact of these connections.

The journey with GDFRL and Wilma has been an embodiment of hope, healing, and the transformative power of rescue. The organization’s dedication to finding the right homes for their Danes resonates in each success story, demonstrating that amidst loss and heartache, new beginnings can flourish. Wilma’s presence is a living testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the indomitable spirit of the canine companions who grace our lives.

As Wilma runs through life with joyous abandon, she embodies the spirit of second chances, reminding us that love knows no bounds and that healing is possible even in the wake of loss. Our gratitude to GDFRL knows no limits, as they continue to weave tales of hope and happiness through their unwavering dedication. Wilma’s story is but one thread in the tapestry of triumphs that GDFRL creates with each successful adoption, reaffirming the potential for renewal that lies within every dog’s journey. – Phyl A.

Note: Wilma’s story reflects the healing journey that rescue dogs can facilitate, offering solace and renewal in the face of loss. It underscores the role of organizations like GDFRL in creating meaningful connections that foster hope and bring newfound happiness to families and their beloved Danes.

All the information & photo credit goes to Great Dane Friends

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