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Learn About 10 Rarest Snakes In The World

Endangered snake species

by Peter Barnes

Rarest Snakes: Snakes have always held a special allure for people, for some reason. However, it is not reasonable for us to always consider them to be dangerous creatures. There are some species of snakes that are not harmful to humans and do not produce venom. In point of view, numerous species of snakes are facing precarious circumstances.

There are over 97 different types of snakes that are now considered as endangered. The population of these Rare snake breeds is decreasing for a variety of reasons, including predation by invasive animals like mongooses, climate change, and other factors.

It’s worth noting that the rarity of a snake species can vary depending on its geographic distribution, habitat, and conservation status. Some of these uncommon snake varieties may be considered rare in certain regions or habitats, but more common in others.

rarest snakes in the world 2023
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Highlights of the rarest snakes

  • The Antiguan Racer, Cuban Dwarf Boa & St. Lucian Racer are the three rarest snakes in the world, and both are facing an extremely high risk of going extinct.
  • Blind snakes constitute yet another subgroup of extremely uncommon snakes. Since sightings of the striped blind snake, Trang and Roxanne’s blind snakes, and other blind snakes are so uncommon, it is difficult to determine how many, if any, still exist.
  • The main things that are killing off the Aruban rattlesnake are the increased number of people living on Aruba and the introduction of goats, which have eaten a lot of the grass where the snakes’ prey lived.

Almost all of the world’s rarest snakes share a characteristic in common with one another. Either humans are destroying their natural habitat, they are living in complete isolation and their numbers are dropping, or they are being hunted by animals that are not native to the area and were probably brought there by humans.

In addition to this, the clearing of land for development is another factor contributing to the decline in the number of snakes. In the following post, we will talk about the top 10 rarest snakes in the world in 2023. These are not the things that are likely to be in your backyard!

Cuban Dwarf Boa

rarest snakes
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Tropidophis hendersoni is a species of dwarf boa that can only be found on the islands of the West Indies. It is more commonly known as the Cuban khaki dwarf boa. The snake can be found in a number of tan and brown color variations. The average length of these rarest snakes is only one to three feet, making them quite miniature.

According to the records kept by the IUCN, they are endangered. The length of the snake was three feet. Geckoes, lizards, and anoles serve as sources of food. Tropidophiidae is the family name. The West Indies is the location where one can find the snake.

Antiguan Racer

rarest snakes Antiguan Racer
Photo – Animalpond

The Antiguan racer was believed to be the rarest snake in the world for a considerable amount of time. Even though it is no longer considered to be an endangered species, its survival is still in grave jeopardy. Following the introduction of the Asian mongoose, black rats, and brown rats, the snake’s survival became increasingly precarious.

They were driven to the verge of extinction as a result of these predators as well as human cohabitation. There was a time when it was thought that they had become extinct, but later on, a population of them was found on Great Bird Island, which is located off the coast of Antigua.

There was a time when the population was less than 150, but thanks to the massive conservation efforts that have been made, they have made a slight recovery and now have a population that is more or less stable. They are still regarded as being in the most precarious of situations.

The Madagascar Blind Snake

rarest snakes
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The Xenotyphlops grandidieri species, also known as the Madagascar Blind Snake, can be found in Madagascar. In recognition of the contributions of the French naturalist Alfred Grandidier, this organism was given his name. The number of these rarest snakes in existence is extremely low.

These rarest snakes do not appear to have any recognized subspecies at this time. The family Xenotyphlopidae contains only one species of each member of the genus Xenotyphlops, which is the only genus in the family.

The length of the snake was approximately 10.63 inches. Food consists of ants and termites. Xenotyphlopidae is the family name. Madagascar is the location where one can find this species of snake.

St. Lucia Racer

rarest snakes
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Although the St. Lucia racer endured a fate comparable to that of the Antiguan racer, it has not recovered to the same extent as its Caribbean cousin. With only an estimated 18 individuals still living in the wild, the St. Lucian racer is considered to be the rarest snakes in the world at the present time.

The presence of black rats and Asian mongooses on the island posed a threat to the snakes because they were responsible for the deaths of a significant number of snakes and the consumption of their eggs.

On the island of Maria Major in 1973, a specimen of the St. Lucian racer that had been thought to have become extinct in 1936 was found alive and well. Today, people all over the island are hoping to save this native snake by focusing their conservation efforts on them and making them the focal point of their efforts.

Kikuzato’s Brook Snake

rarest snakes
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It is appropriate to refer to the Kikuzato’s Brook Snake as a Japanese snake. This species of snake was given its name in honor of Kiyotsu Kikuzato, who was responsible for collecting the holotype specimen. On Kumejima Island, one of the Okinawa Group islands in Japan, lives a species of snake that is considered to be in a state of critical endangerment.

15.45 centimeters is the length of the snake. Earthworms, frogs, tadpoles, freshwater shrimp, and fish all live in freshwater as food sources. The family is known as the Colubridae. Japan is the location where one can find this species of snake.

Orlov’s Viper

rarest snakes
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In spite of the fact that we do not typically consider Russia to be a habitat for snakes, the Orlov’s viper has shown us that we are incorrect. The Caucasus was once part of the historical range of this venomous viper that lives in the Black Sea region of Russia.

Because of their limited geographic range and the fact that humans have made it a habit to poach them, it is estimated that there are fewer than 250 mature individuals still living in the wild. As a point of comparison, the total area that the Orlov’s viper lives in is only 38 square miles.

St. Vincent Blacksnake

rarest snakes
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The endemic St. Vincent Black Snake (Chironius vincentii) was first discovered in 1891. It is considered one of the rarest species of snakes in the entire Caribbean. This beautiful snake grows to over 5 ft in length and lives in the forest where it preys on small frogs and lizards

The Saint Vincent blacksnake also goes by a number of other names, including the Saint Vincent coachwhip, the San Vincent racer, and Vincent’s sipo. All of these names refer to the same species of snake. These reptiles have the potential to reach a length of up to 100 cm.

The ideal environment for the snake is a forest that is located between 275 and 600 meters (902 and 1,967 feet) in elevation. The family is known as the Colubridae. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the location where the snake is typically found.

Aruban Rattlesnake

rarest snakes
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The island of Aruba in the Caribbean is home to the Aruban rattlesnake, which, as its name suggests, is a species of rattlesnake. The climate of Aruba is classified as semi-arid, and the entire island, from its coastline to its interior, features stretches of rocky desert.

There are probably fewer than 230 Aruban rattlesnakes left in the wild due to the fact that their suitable habitat is so small (only 9.5 square miles), and the threat of human encroachment is always present. There are 100 of these rarest snakes kept in captivity.

They are in danger mostly because people are moving into the area and bringing goats with them, which eat the plants that snakes need to catch their food.

Round Island Boa

rarest snakes
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The Casarea dussumieri are more commonly referred to by their common name, which is the Round Island Boa. They are known as dussumieri in honor of Jean-Jacques Dussumier, a French merchant, shipowner, and collector of zoological specimens. Jean-Jacques Dussumier was a zoological specimen collector.

These snakes do not pose a threat to humans and can be found primarily on the island of Mauritius. It’s interesting to note that they can alter their appearance. It alternates between a “dark” state during its relatively inactive daytime period and a “light” state during its most active period, which spans from the early evening until dawn.

The length of the snake was sixty inches. Their diet includes geckos, skinks, chickens, and mice. Round Island, the Islands of Quoin, Flat Island, Mauritius, and the lle de la Pas are the locations where these rarest snakes can be found.

The Short-Nosed Sea Snake

rarest snakes
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The reefs in the Arafura Sea, which is located between Australia and Western New Guinea, are home to a species of sea snake known as the short-nosed sea snake. There are only two known populations of this species of snake, which is considered to be critically endangered due to the fact that it is commonly known as the Sahul reed snake.

 It is possible that the coastal population and the Ashmore reef population belong to two distinct subspecies. If this is the case, then it is highly likely that the Ashmore reef snake will become extinct in the near future.

Before a sighting in 2021, the population of Ashmore Reef was thought to have perished, but it was later confirmed that they still had a population.

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