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5 of History’s Strangest Unsolved Mysteries (Part 01)

Unsolved Mysteries

by Ricardo Walter

Can you tell me whether you’ve read anything regarding these strangest unsolved mysteries? Continue reading for additional information about these mysteries that cannot be solved. However, there is a solution in sight for certain people. These are the enigmas that might be solved over the course of the next decade.

Who is DB Cooper and where is he?

One of the following strangest unsolved mysteries reported in November 24, 1971. Dan Cooper traveled aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 305, a 30-minute flight from Portland to Seattle.

He was described as a middle-aged man wearing a dark suit, a black tie with a mother-of-pearl tie clip, and a beautifully pressed white collared shirt by passengers and flight attendants.

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries
Strangest Unsolved Mysteries | Photo – Netflix

He sat down, smoked a cigarette, and courteously requested a bourbon and soda. He paid with cash. Shortly after departure, he gave a 23-year-old flight attendant a note, which she ignored since she thought it included only the man’s phone number.

Miss, you need to have a look at that note. She was told by Dan Cooper, “I have a bomb.”

Cooper returned the note after the flight attendant read it, but its exact contents remain a mystery. Cooper asked for four parachute drops, $200,000 in “negotiable American currency” (worth $1 million today), and a fuel truck waiting in Seattle to fill up the plane when it landed.

The flight attendant informed the captain of the requests. The president of the airline approved complete cooperation. Having been informed that the delay in landing was due to mechanical issues, the other passengers were in the dark about what was going on.

At 5:39 p.m., an airline representative handed over a rucksack stuffed with cash and two parachutes, and Cooper allowed all passengers and two flight attendants to disembark.

Cooper explained his strategy to the crew while they were refueling: a southeasterly track toward Mexico with one more refueling stop in Nevada. The aircraft departed after two hours.

When the plane landed in Reno, it was noticed that Cooper was missing.Cooper (incorrectly referred to as “DB Cooper” by the media) vanished without a trace. The ransom money was never spent, and no parachute was ever discovered.

A little boy on vacation with his family in Oregon in 1980 discovered many packets of the ransom money, each of which could be identified by its serial number. This discovery sparked a thorough search of the area for Cooper or his remains.

Nothing was ever discovered.For a while, people thought that Cooper would be like the fictional character Don Draper from the TV show Mad Men.One of Cooper’s possible landing spots was found to have a parachute strap in 2017.

The Voynich Manuscript: What Is It?

A 250-page book called The Voynich Manuscript was composed in an unidentified language and writing style. It has pictures of plants that don’t resemble any known species, and it was carbon-dated to the 1400s. It bears the name of the Polish bookseller who bought it in 1912.

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries
Strangest Unsolved Mysteries | Photo – Pinterest

It is thought that a medical text was the original intent. Georg Baresch (1585–1662), an alchemist from Prague, was its first known owner. He found it “taking up room uselessly in his library.” Baresch made vain attempts to learn more about the manuscript’s history.

The text was sold and bought over the years, and Voynich claimed that Albertus Magnus, an alchemist, or Roger Bacon (an early scientist), wrote it.

Some, however, contend that Voynich created the document and its history from scratch. Over the years, numerous other hoaxes have been put forth. Of course, that doesn’t explain the carbon dates on the paper and ink.The Voynich Manuscript remains enigmatic and perplexing centuries after its reported discovery.

The Pollock Sisters: Reincarnation Proof?

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries
Strangest Unsolved Mysteries | Photo – Pinterest

Currently, 24% of Americans hold this belief. Even if scientists are prone to dismissing possibilities, an unresolved riddle that is so intriguing and otherwise perplexing that it causes them to pause occasionally causes them to pause.The tale of the Pollack sisters contains exactly that.

Joanna Pollock, age 11, and Jacqueline Pollock, age 6, were two young English sisters who tragically perished in an automobile accident in 1957. Their mother gave birth to twins, Gillian and Jennifer, a year later.

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries
Strangest Unsolved Mysteries | Photo – Pinterest

When the twins were old enough to speak, they began recognizing and requesting toys from their deceased sisters, pointing out places only their deceased sisters would recognize (such as a school they’d attended), and occasionally becoming terrified when they see cars idling.(One time, they reportedly screamed, “That car is coming to get us!”)

These occurrences decreased in frequency after the twins turned five, and they went on to enjoy regular lives. But the Pollock Sisters’ tale eventually reached Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918–2007), a psychologist who specialized in reincarnation.

After looking into thousands of supposed cases, including that of the Pollock Sisters, Dr. Stevenson wrote a book with 14 examples that he thought were true.

The Sodder children have vanished

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries
Strangest Unsolved Mysteries | Photo – AP

The following unsolved case is comparable to the Pollocks’. In addition to having to deal with the tremendous loss of their children, George and Jennie Sodder of West Virginia also had to deal with the enigmatic circumstances surrounding that tragedy.

Five of the ten Sodder children were still alive and accounted for in 1945, the year the Sodder home burned to the ground. What about the other five, though? All indications were that they had just disappeared.

Notice how we avoided using the phrase “vanished into smoke”? This is due to the fact that there was no physical evidence of the kids in the fire’s destruction, which is practically unimaginable in terms of science.

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries
Strangest Unsolved Mysteries | Photo – Pinterest

But there was more to the happenings that night that smelled fishy. George tried to use his coal truck, which oddly wasn’t working, to get the kids out of the house because he thought they were still inside, but the phone lines to the house were cut.

A woman at a Charleston hotel who saw the children’s photos in a newspaper stated she had seen four of the five missing children a week after the fire. Another woman claimed to have seen all five missing youngsters gazing from a passing automobile while the fire was in progress.

She stated in a statement that “the children were accompanied by two women and two men, all of Italian extraction.” I made an effort to speak to the kids in a kind way, but the guys seemed unfriendly and forbade it.

The Sodders, who were Italian immigrants, thought that their children had been taken away, possibly to get money, to force George to join the local mafia, or as punishment for George’s criticism of Mussolini and Italy’s fascist government.

The Sodder family kept a billboard on State Route 16 with photographs of the five missing kids and a prize for information from the 1950s until Jennie Sodder’s death in the late 1980s. Sylvia Sodder, 69, the last known surviving Sodder kid, still doesn’t think her siblings died in the fire.

What really happened to Walter Collins when he was young?

One of the strangest and most sad criminal stories from the 1920s was revived by Clint Eastwood’s Changeling in 2008. In March 1928, nine-year-old Walter Collins was reported missing by his single mother, Christine Collins, from their Los Angeles home.

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries
Strangest Unsolved Mysteries | Photo – Pinterest

Five months later, the police brought “Walter” back to Christine, but Christine quickly realized that it wasn’t Walter. Christine’s worries were disregarded by the LA police, who even went so far as to accuse Christine of being a terrible mother and put her in a mental institution.

Although Gordon Stewart Northcott, a man convicted of killing children, confessed to killing Walter, the real Walter Collins was never discovered, and officials eventually came to believe he was one of Northcott’s victims.

Walter Collins’ body was never discovered, and no one ever found out what truly transpired. Furthermore, it is still unclear why the police were so dedicated to hiding the truth about the boy’s disappearance that they sought to trick Christine and the rest of the world by bringing a different youngster back to her.

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