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justice for dogs

It Took 1250 Days To get Justice For Dogs And A Cat

Justice For Animals

by Peter Barnes

1,250 days to get justice! Yes… It took them that long to bring Fred, Baby, Buddy, and Pearl to justice. But Pasado Safe Haven never lost heart! Their Investigations and Rescue Team reacted to a horrifying case of animal neglect and abuse.

Numerous additional animals, including doves, turtles, and a horse, were also found starving and emaciated in the abuser’s house, along with three dogs, a cat, and other pets. The other animals were living amid heaps of garbage, animal waste, and urine, while two of the dogs were imprisoned in tiny boxes. The creatures were hardly breathing.

justice for dogs
Photo – Pasado Safe Haven

Fred needed to be taken out on a stretcher since his condition was so bad that he was unable to open his eyes. Due to spending months in her own urine and feces, Baby’s fur was yellow-tinted. Additionally, they had serious open pressure wounds from their emaciation.

Working with United Angels, Pony Up, and the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, Pasado Safe Haven were able to rescue every animal to safety. A veterinarian on call first suggested euthanasia for Fred, Baby, Buddy, and Pearl due to their critical conditions.

However, they weren’t yet prepared to give up. They received emergency care for a number of days before being brought to our Healing Barn, where their healing process started.

For the numerous health issues these animals had, our team provided medical care. In addition to being malnourished, they had open wounds, parasites, infections, irritated skin, hair loss, and problems with their GI tracts that kept coming back.

Each survivor underwent extensive physical and emotional healing work as a result of the long-term abuse they endured. Fred, Baby, Buddy, and Pearl recovered sufficiently to find their forever homes after spending months in this organization’s care. Finally, a second chance at life was given to them.

Through it all, their highly skilled team worked arduously to prosecute their abusers. In this case, they have kept track of the evidence, gave the prosecutor’s office investigative reports, and helped them all the time.

After more than three years of arduous work, Pasado Safe Haven have finally achieved the conviction they were hoping for: four counts of first-degree felony animal cruelty and one count of second-degree animal cruelty. This is despite the offenders’ repeated attempts to have the case dismissed.

This hard-fought conviction is important. It reaffirms that, as a society, we will not tolerate the mistreatment of animals.

Pasado Safe Haven contributions allowed for the completion of this extensive project. Thanks all.

Q & A about animal justice

What are the five most important rights animals have?

These five freedoms are the gold standard for animal welfare. They cover both the mental and physical well-being of animals. They are: freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury, and disease; and freedom to act in a normal and natural way.

What are the 3 Rs of animal ethics?

Two English biologists, Russell and Burch, wrote a book called “The Principle of Humane Experimental Technique” in the early 1960s that introduced the Three Rs principle. The three Rs stand for Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.

What is the philosophy behind animal rights?

Animal rights is a philosophy that says many or all sentient animals have moral value that isn’t based on how useful they are to humans. It also says that their most basic needs, like not suffering, should be treated the same way as similar human needs.

Why is animal cruelty a social problem?

The most obvious harm that comes from being cruel to animals is the pain and suffering they have to go through. In spite of what the media often shows, most cases of physical cruelty don’t have happy endings. The abuse is usually horrible, and the animals who are hurt rarely get better or are adopted by a loving family.

Source: Pasado Safe Haven | All the information & photo credit goes to respective authorities. DM for removal please.

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