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King's pool turkey

King’s Pool in Antalya, Turkey: Exactly Like A Part of Heaven

by Peter Barnes

King’s Pool is one of the natural wonders of the Serik district in Antalya, Turkey. Its natural creation and deep blue waters captivate visitors.

This natural pool has a depth between 1.5 and 4 meters and is surrounded by pine trees. Despite the Corona virus, King Pool is swarmed by people. In addition to cooling off with ice-cold water, visitors take several photographs and share them on social media.

King's pool turkey
Photo – Fb | Tourism & Art & Turkey

I eventually went swimming in the king’s pool after wanting to do so for some time. This place is absolutely fascinating. I wanted to discover if the King’s Pool in Antalya is as beautiful as it appears in photographs. Indeed, it was. The scenic appeal of this little pool located above the Ucansu Waterfalls captivated me.

The beauty of King’s Pool

King's pool turkey
Photo – Fb | Tourism & Art & Turkey

Even on the limestone stairs, those who are feeling overwhelmed by the heat and humidity can cool off in the King’s Pool’s icy water. Several individuals leap from the cliffs into the natural water, producing a vibrant image.

From here, vacationers who are swimming in the pool with a view of the Antalya plain, cave, and waterfall take in the scenery for a while. The turquoise water of the 20-meter-wide King’s Pool, which a 70-meter-tall waterfall created, is also captivating.

The pool is modest in size. It is a natural pond that is several meters wide and extends for a considerable distance. At certain areas of the pool, it goes over the edge, and people jump there if they want to.

King's pool turkey
Photo – Fb | Tourism & Art & Turkey

I would not encourage non-swimmers to leap or get into the pool. After all, it is freshwater, and the space is too big to jump. The depth of the pool’s deep areas is 4 meters, while the shallow areas are 1.5 meters.

Be cautious on the stones and stairs because they are extremely slick. Internet access and cell phone reception are problematic at the location of the King’s Pool. If you walk a little higher away from the pool, this circumstance will not be a problem.

They posted signage throughout the pool area. There is trash here, but it does not pose a significant nuisance to people. Signs were erected prohibiting trash disposal near the pool and in the surrounding area.

How to go to King’s Pool?

king's pool route
Photo – Pinterest

When you open the navigation to get to the King’s Pool in Antalya, a location will appear. But the navigation fails on the final plateau. Despite what I had read, I listened to the navigator and became lost once more. So, I believe you should include “Kozan Village” as a place while utilizing navigation. You should prioritize arriving first.

As soon as you leave the village, you’re on a dirt road that leads nowhere. The road eventually divided in two.If navigation is enabled, you will be directed to the left. Be cautious; this is the incorrect path. If you choose this route, the road will be somewhat rough and bumpy.

There is no Internet reception and no phone signals either. I observed it while searching for someone to inquire about the exact address and road. Navigation indicated that you’ve arrived at the place, but neither a trace of water nor a stream can be found.

King's pool turkey
Photo – Fb | Tourism & Art & Turkey

We made a right turn after a certain point. After going through a few residences, the path leading to the King’s Pool began. Even if it is scratchy and of poor quality, a signboard is present.

Even though most of the route is paved, the last 7 or 8 kilometers are not, so regular cars must be very careful.You must walk after exiting your vehicle. At this time, we donned sandals on our feet out of concern that we would get wet.

King's pool turkey
Photo – Fb | Tourism & Art & Turkey

You can easily locate the King’s Pool if you keep an eye out for the red paint on the rocks along the path. After traversing a portion of the trails and the forest, you walk for 1.5 kilometers from the streambank.

There is very little elevation; the road is nearly straight. There is a location where you may refill your water bottle on the way to the pool. In addition, the local women bake and sell pancakes. Joyfully, we proceeded.

Camping is prohibited in the area around King’s Pool

Ucansu Waterfall
Photo – Fb | Tourism & Art & Turkey

Those who desired to camp did so at the Ucansu Waterfalls. I have seen photographs of the location, but I have not camped there. If you stay on the trail following the King’s Pool, you can also reach the Ucansu Waterfalls. In addition, the King’s Pool is also accessible from the waterfalls, but requires a climb.

Given this information, you are free to pick the path you like. Please keep in mind that it is quite crowded during the summer months.

I departed this paradise with fond recollections. I can confidently recommend adding the King’s Pool to your list of must-see locations.

All the information & photo credit goes to respective authorities. DM for removal please.

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