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Do not be a serial killer! True-life tale with positive lessons feature

Do not be a serial killer! True-life tale with positive lessons

by Ricardo Walter

A man is seen jumping from a bridge in the featured photograph. Observe the shadow! That is him. A guy is also seen underneath. The man is a witness to this, but there is nothing he can do about it. Here, Shutterbulky will bring you a pleasant tale based on below image. Continue to read.

Do not be a serial killer! True-life tale with positive lessons
Do not be a serial killer! True-life tale with positive lessons | Facebook

My close relative named Andrew passed away many years ago when I was a young child and had not even completed high school.

My father then went to his funeral home and said, “Finally, after searching for several days in vain, the police located Andrew when they noticed a smell coming from the room adjacent to the bathroom”. My father said these things with my mother after he comes from the funeral home.

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The mother is silently listening but does not speak. Here is the father’s narrative of that day’s events in full.

“I read the letter written by Andrew’s while visiting the funeral home today”. Andrew is a civil engineer and one and only child in the family was never scolded as they grew up! He did the job well and learned a lot and got few promotions.

In a fit of rage one day, in front of the other clerks, Andrew’s supervisor threw one of the letters Andrew had drafted and yelled in Andrew’s face, “There’s many misleading with that letter! This is how you can’t write a letter properly when you come from someone help without proper qualification”

Andrew has been missing ever since. When Andrew went to work with the credentials that he had never wronged anyone in his life, it is stated in his letter that he had never experienced such disgrace and that he could not handle it. 

Actually, Andrew did not make the error; someone else in the office did! “Today’s burial for Andrew was attended by his alleged boss. I took the letter and presented it to the man, even though everyone else said no!”

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“He held my hands tightly as he handed the letter to me after giving it some thought and without saying anything further. In a flash, I noticed him crying! That individual desires to be born and die for the rest of his life” The father yelled louder. 

Mom suddenly yelled, “I have a question to ask. Why didn’t the parents and the rest of the household realize that the youngster had been hanging out in their own room for three days?

My next inquiry, did you find out where’s that boss went after you delivered the letter to the him? I didn’t hear my father’s response to that, but I well recall the conversation! 

A person can be killed with only one look! You only need to say one thing to put a man through hell. How is it possible to claim that you are not a defendant in a fatal accident? Are you certain of that? Killers are those who lack empathy! 

Are you confident that you have never in your life committed a serial killing? This is a serious issue! Answers should be truthful. Are you certain that you didn’t murder a man?

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