Home Crime See the Evil Ghosts Causing Chaos at Hawaii’s Most Haunted Kaimuki House. 

See the Evil Ghosts Causing Chaos at Hawaii’s Most Haunted Kaimuki House. 

by Ricardo Walter

The Kaimuki House in Honolulu is evidence that not all spirits are good. Hawaii is seen by many as a paradise. The island state is a lovely and fascinating location because of its lengthy history and rich culture. Did you know, though, that these islands are also renowned for some very chilling ghost stories?

The story of Honolulu’s notorious Kaimuki house is the most intense of all. The residence previously stood near the intersection of 8th and Harding. Lava rock served as the foundation below it. Furthermore, despite the fact that the house initially appeared to be conventional for the area, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It also happened to be the purported home of a Kasha, a ghost from Japanese legend, in addition to hosting several families and visitors.

The story of Honolulu's notorious Kaimuki house is the most intense of all. The residence previously stood near the intersection of 8th and Harding.
Photo Credit: Crina Parasca/Unsplash

Although opinions about Kasha tend to differ, there are certain commonalities. Although “fire cart” is the name’s literal translation, it looks like “fire cat” would be a better fit. These creatures frequently pose as stray cats or house cats. Their real form is that of a bipedal monster that towers over most people and is encircled by the fires of Hell.

Some people think they steal dead bodies from funerals, cemeteries, and crematoriums so they can eat them. Others claim they are demons who descend from heaven to seize the corpses of evildoers and drag them to hell as retribution. They may also occasionally utilize puppets made out of dead people.

How does the Kaimuki House relate to this folklore? Terror started in 1942. The neighbors became worried about domestic violence after a couple moved into the house since it was happening behind closed doors. From next door, there were loud smashing and slamming noises. She was hysterically repeating, “She’s trying to kill my children,” when the police were summoned to investigate the commotion.

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The police supposedly found irrefutable proof of the supernatural when they entered the house. The three kids in the house were hovering, being thrown across the room by an unknown force, and levitating. This horrific assault is said to have started when a small child detected what he called the “odor of a ghost,” setting off the Kasha’s rage. Later, the local newspaper covered the altercation in full.

Three decades later, three young ladies lived in this eerie house together. Strange noises set off a series of painful physical occurrences that quickly proved lethal for them. For their own protection, the girls left the house, but the spectral presence could not be ignored.

The middle-seat passenger felt an invisible force suffocate her as they continued to drive. Officers arrived to deal with the disturbance, but as one reached into the vehicle to assist, he was reportedly halted by what appeared to be a sizable, calloused hand. He radioed for assistance after feeling the phantom hand twist his arm. The officer’s quad car wouldn’t start, so he forced the agitated woman into it.

The assault resumed once he had the woman back in her own vehicle. The officer’s expelling the ghost with water and Hawaiian salt was the only thing that put an end to the terror. This was described in the press for a piece about local hauntings, but the report hasn’t been verified.

But why did this negative spiritual energy manifest? There are a few competing legends regarding the origins of this vengeful ghost, the first of which centers on a father who killed his wife and children in the house. It is believed that the daughter’s remains were never discovered, even though the wife and son’s bodies were interred in the backyard.

The subject of another tale is a queer couple made up of two married ladies whose marital issues had disastrous outcomes. One of these ladies started dating one of these men, and when he learned about her wife, he killed her and then killed himself.

2016 saw the demolition of the Kaimuki House. A new house has been built on this legendary plot of land.What does that mean, though? Will the Kasha return once it has been disturbed once more, or are its horrors truly put to rest? Perhaps, in the end, these tales were nothing more than the paranoia and superstition of the time.

Which opinion do you hold?

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